Shillong, Aug 31: Meghalaya Police reached the semifinals of the 7th Invitation Wahiajer Football Tournament 2023 by beating Thadlaskein Veterans 5-4 on penalties at Wahiajer Stadium today.

Normal time in the game ended 1-1, requiring the all too frequent penalty shootout.

The cops scored through Teibor Siangshai and Thadlaskein via Debinroy Nongspung.

Thadlaskein were packed with top players like Phrangki Buam, Brolington Warlarpih, Damehun Syih, Saveme Tariang and others but still couldn’t overcome the police team.

Siangshai was named Player of the Match.

The next fixture will be played between Brothers United FC and Iongshiwiat FC on 4th September at 2PM.

(Photo contributed)

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