Shillong, Jun 2: Meghalaya won a total of 40 medals at the National Youth Muay Thai Championship 2019, which was held in Assam at the end of last month, a press release stated today.

The tournament was organised by the All Assam Amateur Muay Thai Association in collaboration with United Amateur Muay Thai Association – India from 24th to 28th May.

The Muay Thai Association of Meghalaya won 10 gold, 15 silver and 15 bronze medals.

Gold medallists:
Mary Christine Wriang (sub-junior girls 27kg), Andrew Maring (junior boys 44.3kg), Mary Asgusta Wriang (junior girls 40kg), Jeffryjohn Nongdhar (junior boys 48kg), Anita Rai (junior girls 50kg), Lamshaphrang Malngiang (junior boys 40kg), Jeky Jana (junior boys 45.3kg), Banisa Chyrmang (junior girls 52.2kg), Emdor Blah (junior boys 44.5kg), Dasanibha Sten (sub-junior boys 32kg)
Silver medallists:
Olivia Lyngdoh (junior girls 34kg), Banteinam Kharmuti (sub-junior boys 42kg), Shaiborlang Lyngdoh (sub-junior boys 47kg), Isabela Thongni (junior girls 41.5kg), Johnlavirious Thongni (junior boys 41kg), Kim Ruthy Simte (junior girls 62kg), Blaseibok Kharbuli (junior boys 47.5kg), Evenstar Nongspung (junior boys 58kg), Pynkhrawbor Shylla (junior boys 40kg), Ibakmen Nongrum (junior girls 49.3kg), Sosy Phawa (junior girls 52.3kg), Wandashisha Kurbah (junior girls 46kg), Remedyson Kharrngi (junior boys 52kg), Phibarihun Mawlong (junior girls 63.6kg), Kevin Khyriam (junior boys 47kg)
Bronze medallists:
Steven Thabah (sub-junior boys 22kg), Wanshanskhem Nongrum (sub-junior boys 26.1kg), Dameshuwa Marten (sub-junior boys 24kg), Macrudolf Suting (sub-junior boys 36.6kg), Darishisha Lyngdoh Khongsti (sub-junior girls 21.5kg), Vallona Khyriam (sub-junior girls 37kg), Bankynmaw Marngar (junior boys 41kg), Monica Simte (junior girls 52.1kg), Alandonal Kharthangmaw (junior boys 53.3kg), Iarapbantei Nengnong (junior boys 46.7kg), Ibankyntiew Khymdeit (junior girls 45.3kg), Mebantei Lapassam (junior boys 42.9kg), Narimon Nongrum (junior girls 39kg), Mary Love Palle (junior girls 49kg), Bawanjingtneng (sub-junior girls 46.9kg)


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