Shillong, Apr 21: The Shillong Sports Association confirmed today that its annual general meeting and election of office bearers will be held on 27th April at its office in Polo Ground from 11AM.

Now, TSR had last month penned an opinion piece which held that radical change is required in the SSA if football is to recover in Shillong.

This piece garnered a few comments on Facebook from various football lovers.

Former professional footballer and coach Lekini Suting said that there is a “need to change the whole official members of SSA”, while referee David Kharrymba said, “The whole members are outdated, incompetent, and too old for the job. SSA needs new dynamic members in order to boost SSA. Its time somebody do something.”

Womklet Marbaniang had to most to say on this topic.

“SSA should be fully revamped with new members who are farsighted and who should take sports seriously and in accordance with time. Football in particular has been on a downward trend for the last many years which is why I feel is the main reason for low crowd turnout, therefore new faces (might not necessarily be young) who are energetic and love the game should be inducted in the committee, and take football to the level it should be… It’s high time, now or never. Affiliated clubs should take this matter seriously and propose such members for the elections,” he said.

Meanwhile, the SSA also informed that its office assistant, Johny, is no longer with the association.

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