Shillong, Apr 27: Mawphlang MLA and key Rangdajied United figure Syntar Klas Sunn was elected as incoming President of the Shillong Sports Association for a four-year term today.

The SSA held its annual general meeting and election of office bearers at the SSA Stadium in Polo Ground.

Sunn replaces ex-MLA Bindo Lanong as President, while a significant development turned out to be the absence of Bor Diengdoh’s name from the list of posts. Diengdoh had long dominated the SSA and is the outgoing Honorary Secretary.

Apart from Sunn, there are a few other new faces in the SSA council, including sitting MDC Mitchel Wankhar (Vice-President), Cliff Nongrum (Volleyball Secretary), Freddy Kharpran (Women’s Football Secretary) and council members Kiran Joshi, Bantyllilang Nari, Laban SC President Sammy Myrthong and Wallambok Kharsati.

The first sitting of the new council will appoint the Assistant Secretary for football and members of all the branch committees.

SSA officials:
President – Syntar Klas Sunn
Vice-Presidents – RA Lyngdoh, Dibus Marbaniang, Mitchel Wankhar, Karsing Kurbah, Robert Dkhar
General Secretary – SS Rapthap
Assistant General Secretary – Dipshon Lyngdoh Nongbri
Treasurer – Prosper Warjri
Secretaries – Shongdor M Lyngdoh (football), Finely Pariat (athletics), T Lyndem (archery), Dister Marbaniang (badminton), Pynhun P Rapthap (basketball), FA Roy Thangkhiew (hockey), NG Kharbyngar (table tennis), Cliff Nongrum (volleyball), Freddy Kharpran (women’s football)
Council members – M Warbah, Dondor Sing Rumnong, TD Myrboh, Danny Well Lyngwi, Khraw Ryntathiang, Kiran Joshi, Bishar Warkhyllew, Bantyllilang Nari, Sammy Myrthong, SS Syiem, Wallambok Kharsati, Emrit Mawlong, D Sohkhlet, Raji Kharlor, M Badwar, Elen Marbaniang, Redimus Mawrie
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