Shillong, Jun 9: The 15th Junior & Sub-Junior Swimming Championship, organised by the Meghalaya Swimming Association, saw the participation of 80 swimmers from several parts of the state in the two-day event, which concluded here yesterday.

The competition’s highlight for the organisers was the emergence of strong female swimmers from villages who gave those from Shillong a tough challenge.

Swimmers from Shella and Shillong swimming club True North won most of the medals.

One of the Best Swimmer award winners – Alyzza M Lyngdoh

The Best Swimmers among the boys were Banraplang Marbaniang, Cleric Jayden Wanniang, Ebers Winston Kharbani and Liam R Diengdoh. The Best Swimmers among the girls were Trisha Jalewa, Yowandaphi Najiar, Alyzza M Lyngdoh and Badapjingkyrmen Thongni.

Boys’ winners:

Group 1 (15-17 years)

Banraplang Marbaniang – freestyle 50m

Ethaniel Laloo – butterfly 50m

Ethaniel Laloo – breaststroke 50m

Banraplang Marbaniang – freestyle 100m

Banraplang Marbaniang – backstroke 50m

Banraplang Marbaniang, Bhakupar Ora, Selibet Mawa, Bapynshngain Syngwan – 4x50m freestyle relay

Group 2 (13-14 years)

Cleric Jaden Wanniang – Breaststroke 100m

Banpynshngain Syngwan – Freestyle 100m

Bhalang Ora – breaststroke 50m

Cleric Jaden Wanniang – butterfly 50m

Cleric Jaden Wanniang – backstroke 50m

Banpynshngain Syngwan – freestyle 50m

Banpynshngain Syngwan, Ryan Youroi, Bhalang Ora, Pynbhalang Syngwan – 4x50m freestyle relay

Group 3 (11-12 years)

Shaun Diengdoh – butterfly 50m

Ebers Winston Kharbani – breaststroke 50m

Ebers Winston Kharbani – freestyle 50m

Group 4 (9-10 years)

Aaron Kindo Blah – breaststroke 50m

Liam R Diengdoh – freestyle 50m

Liam R Diengdoh – backstroke 50m

Group 5 (7-8)

Kian Peter Pde – freestyle 50m

Girls’ winners:

Group 1 (15-17 years)

Badapjingkyrmen Thongni – freestyle 50m

Badapjingkyrmen Thongni – backstroke 50m

Badapjingkyrmen Thongni – breakstroke 50m

Group 2 (13-14 years)

Phisabet Snaitang – breaststroke 50m

Alyzza M Lyngdoh – freestyle 100m

Marysuklin Marbaniang – freestyle 50m

Alyzza M Lyngdoh – butterfly 50m

Tisya Manhas – breaststroke 100m

Tisya Manhas – backstroke 50m

Group 3 (11-12 years)

Yowandaphi Najiar – freestyle 50m

Yowandaphi Najiar – breaststroke 50m

Yowandaphi Najiar – backstroke 50m

Group 4 (9-10 years)

Trisha Jalewa – backstroke 50m

Trisha Jalewa – breaststroke 50m

Kitilawei Syiemiong – freestyle 50m

Trisha Jalewa – butterfly 50m

Group 5 (7-8 years)

Naomi Pde – freestyle 50m

(Featured photo contributed by the Meghalaya Swimming Association)

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