Shillong, Jul 29: Ryntih announced the beginning of a new partnership with Infinite Sports & Entertainment, a local sports consultancy, to carry forward its dream of playing in the I-League.

The formal agreement was signed on 26th July at the office of Ryntih in Mawlai Mawdatbaki with only a few representatives of both parties present due to Covid-19 protocols. Through the agreement, a press release said today, ISE will work with the club to realise its potential in various verticals, from brand strategy, athlete management, events to partnerships for development so that Ryntih achieves its next target, that of reaching and sustaining its place in the I-League.

Ryntih was formally established in 1998 but traces its history back to 1987 and a dream to build up a team based around the core of support found in Mawdatbaki, which has always been a hub of talented footballers and passionate fans.

Last year the Covid-19 pandemic largely derailed the football season in Meghalaya but Ryntih pressed on, restructuring its management system, signing a crop of top local players, instituting a dedicated youth policy and tying up with a foreign club. However, Ryntih was ultimately unsuccessful in their bid for direct entry to the I-League.

With the pandemic continuing to pose grave challenges in 2021, Ryntih has continued to do its level best to be as well-prepared as possible for a resumption of football. Players have been motivated to keep fit and active and all the team members and officials have been vaccinated against Covid-19. The players and staff have also been actively involved in distributing aid to vulnerable members of society during the second wave.

Now the aim is to qualify for I-League 2021-22 via the Qualifiers route and, to do this, Ryntih has linked up with ISE to firstly get its application for a place in the Qualifiers approved by the All India Football Federation and then build a solid foundation in order to guarantee the club’s future.

Speaking about the agreement, Wallamkupar Kharpran, President of Ryntih, said, “We believe that the absence of walls and dividers facilitates conversations and interactions as well as fosters a sharing spirit and collaborative attitude. We, as a club, have taken this initiative to associate with ISE because we believe that we can accomplish more and attain greater results and benefits when we work together as a team. The dream and objective of becoming a national and global brand will be further enhanced through this partnership and will prove beneficial to the talented footballers and enthusiasts of the state of Meghalaya as a whole.”

ISE is headquartered in Shillong with a team holding sports qualifications and strategic partnerships with companies from Mumbai, Bangalore and other parts of India. ISE has been the local organiser for numerous sports events and development projects for corporates, NGOs, associations, government, etc.

On behalf of ISE, Siddharth Khyriem, Manager, said, “Ryntih has a tremendous support base in Shillong and has impressed the public and administrators of the sport with its dedication, determination and drive to succeed. There is tremendous potential to grow further and ISE is honoured to be a part of the process.”

Phila Hynniewta, Assistant Manager, added, “Ryntih FC has been working tirelessly towards its goals of entering the I-League and demonstrating its abilities on the national stage. Infinite Sports & Entertainment is passionate about helping clubs and associations move forward and we are excited to start working together with Ryntih to achieve its goals.”

(From left – Phila Hynniewta (ISE), Wallamkupar Kharpran (Ryntih), Siddharth Khyriem (ISE) and Manbha Kupar Khongwir (Ryntih))

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