Shillong, Dec 25: The TSR team had some very special guests from Shillong Lajong FC – captain Samuel Lalmuanpuia, Oh Juho, Hardycliff Nongbri and Samuel Kynshi – join us for a Christmas Special video last week.

We heard from Lalmuanpuia on how professionals go about getting over a defeat on the pitch, what South Korean Oh Juho thinks about Shillong and his team mates, a really interesting face made by Nongbri every time he kicks a ball and who is the scarier coach for Kynshi – Alison Kharsyntiew or Bobby Nongbet.

The guys also take part in a darts competition to get to the bottom of just who is the greatest sportsperson in the Lajong team as well as singing a Christmas carol.

The full video can be viewed right here.

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