Shillong, Apr 25: Three karatekas won medals at the recent Karate Association of India Sub-Junior National Karate Championship in New Delhi, the All Meghalaya Karate-Do Association said in a press release today.

Phidawansanilee Wahlang picked up a silver in individual kumite 12 years (-35kg), while Edahunsha Challam and Cheltis Shylla both took bronze in their respective events, namely individual kumite 12 years (-40kg) and individual kumite 13 years (-40kg).

The other young karatekas who took part were: Dayalangki Challam (-25kg, kumite, 10 years), Loreenia Mawlong (+30kg, kumite, 10 years), Daiaihunlin Pde (-30kg, kumite, 11 years), Gideon Tympuin (kata, 11 years), Fredrick William Rani (kata, 13 years), Badondor Ryntathiang (-25kg, kumite, 10 years), Gregor Wilson Makdoh (-30kg, kumite, 10 years), Ram Lanong (-30kg, kumite, 11 years), Lakhon Lanong (-35kg, kumite, 11 years), Zimeon Sun (-40kg, kumite, 12 years), and Teiborlang Lapang (-45kg, kumite, 13 years)

The team was led by Linza Fenny Syiem and Arjun Sewa as coaches.

The tournament ran from 20th to 22nd April and the Meghalaya team returned to Shillong yesterday.

(Photo contributed by the All Meghalaya Karate-Do Association. From left – coach Linza Fenny Syiem, Phidawansanilee Wahlang, Edahunsha Challam, Cheltis Shylla and coach Arjun Sewa)

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