10 medals in all for Happy Red Rooster MMA school

Shillong, May 21: Damerbha Rumnong and Jonathan War Nongbri both won double gold medals in the U-12 categories of the gi and nogi divisions at the BJJ (Brazilian JuJitsu) National Championship in New Delhi yesterday.

The two jujitsu fighters were part of a team from Meghalaya who train at the Happy Red Rooster MMA school in Shillong.

The group from Meghalaya won another four silver medals and two bronze to secure joint second place at the tournament.

Euwanphylla Marbaniang, Echwamida Phawa, Reforming Marwein, Frankystar Momin and Remy Kharchandy were the other fighters from Meghalaya. The team were trained and coached by Happy Red Rooster Mixed Martial Arts owner Isaiah Kharmawphlang.

This was the first time that Happy Red Rooster have taken part in the BJJ nationals.

(Photo contributed by Happy Red Rooster MMA)

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