Shillong, May 29: Four organisations based in Laban have signed off on a letter to Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman asking her to return Garrison Ground to local control and take it out of the hands of the army.

The letter was dated today and forwarded to the press by BJP South Shillong MLA Sanbor Shullai, who is also the President of one of the organisations, the Raid Laban Sports, Social and Cultural Organisation. The letter was also signed by representatives of the Greater Laban Community Development Society, Laban Sports Club and Astrodome Sports, Social and Cultural Club.

The missive comes after the central government opened up roads to the public in cantonment areas around the country.

While thanking Sitharaman for the decision to open the roads, the four groups asked her to return Garrison Ground “back to the people of the state of Meghalaya under the guardianship of the Sports Department and caretakership of the Laban Sports Club,” who were custodians of the field in pre-Independence times.

The letter went on to say that returning the ground would allow for developing budding sportspersons in line with the national Khelo India programme as well as be used as a venue for the National Games 2022, which are to be held in Meghalaya.

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