Shillong, Feb 3: Tlanding Wahlang won the men’s full marathon at the Kolkata Marathon today, while Darishisha Iangjuh won the women’s 10km event.

Fulningstar Nonglang came third in the men’s full marathon, Dateibankynmaw Marwein was second in the women’s half marathon and Batsrang A Sangma was third in the men’s half marathon.

Wahlang cross the line of the 41.195km race in 2 hours, 35 minutes and 42 seconds, which was around seven minutes faster than his time in January’s Mumbai Marathon. Nonglang followed in third with a time of 2h:41m:58s, roughly a minute and a half behind second-placed Surat Raj Subba. In the over-50 years category Swonding Mawlong came first with a time of 3h:08m:23s and in the 18-35 age category Marvin Kharkongor finished third in 2h:51m:14s, which put him sixth overall.

In the women’s half marathon Marwein crossed the finish line in a time of 1h:39m:08s, which was enough to give her second place overall and first in the 18-35 age category. Carolyne Lyngdoh, meanwhile, topped the 45-50 age category in 2h:08m:02s. In the men’s event Sangma crossed the line in 1h:09m:49s, which was less than a minute behind the top two. Jomingstar Ramsiej came third (and sixth overall) in the 18-35 age category out of 247 finishers. He ran the race in 1h:14:08s.

Over in the 10km run, there were 356 women finishers with Iangjuh winning the race in 42 minutes flat. Not too far behind was Emilia Makri, who finished fifth overall and second in the 14-35 age category in 48 minutes and 29 seconds.

All the times were taken from the Kolkata Marathon website.

All of the runners mentioned, except for Sangma, were supported by Run Meghalaya, who entered 31 runners across the three categories.

Run Meghalaya is also getting ready for the New Delhi Marathon, which will take place on 24th February. In that race Wahlang, Iangjuh and Kresstarjune Pathaw will compete in the elite category, it said in a press release today.

(Photo contributed by Run Meghalaya)

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