Shillong, Feb 13: The Meghalaya Netball Association (MNA) was formed early this month with the aim to introduce, promote and develop the sport in the state.

This was informed through a press release today.

What is netball?

Good question. It isn’t a sport that TSR has any familiarity with, but, apparently, it’s kind of related to basketball. You can read more about it in a comprehensive article on the sport on Wikipedia.

The MNA said that it is a “very exciting game which is easy to learn and interesting to play”.

The state requires an netball association if it is to be included in the 2022 National Games, which Meghalaya will host.

Meghalaya Netball Association (executive committee):
Adviser – Sports & Youth Affairs Deputy Director JR Marak
President – Jason Mawlong MLA
Working President – D Shabong
Vice-Presidents – East Khasi Hills District Sports Officer Daniel Dann, Dr KP Phawa
General Secretary – Bel Rani
Joint Secretaries – Ehbok Syiemlieh, Indarilyn Dora Lyndem
Publicity Secretary – Jenneth L Mawlong
Organising Secretary – Kaimon H Passah
Treasurer – MN Lyndem
Executive members – Rida Lyndem, JB Marak, TM Sangma, Jerinda Kharshandi, Wanlang Mylliemngap, H Thabah, S Chakrabarty, T Lyndem, L Dhar


(Photo contributed by the Meghalaya Netball Association)

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