Shillong, Mar 22: Ryntih SC, who recently secured a place in Shillong Premier League 2019 through auction, have made some massive signings ahead of the upcoming season, bringing in as many as 18 players, some of whom are the top names in local football.

This was revealed in a list of player names through the club’s new Instagram page today. Photos were also shared of the players presumably signing their contracts.

Four footballers have joined the club, who previously played in the Second Division, from three-time SPL champions Shillong Lajong – Sheen Sohktung, Allen Lyngdoh Nongbri, Dameki Khongstia and Robert Khongjoh.

Another seven join from twice defending champions Langsning – Brolington Warlarpih (who was Langsning captain), Ebormi Buam, Fullmoon Mukhim, Restom Khriam, Dibinroy Nongspung, Milancy Khongstia and Eric Nongkhlaw. All of these players (bar Nongkhlaw, who was second choice goalkeeper) were instrumental in Langsning’s recent successes.

Four more players come from sister clubs Rangdajied United (Andy Mawthoh and Reson Malngiang) and Nangkiew Irat (Maitshaphrang Kharumnuid and Banpynkhrawnam Nongkhlaw), while Ronnie Nongbri joins after an unhappy last season at Malki and Will Marbaniang and Badondor Marbaniang come over from Rising FC.

The signings combine a wealth of experience and youth. It’ll be a surprise if Warlarpih wasn’t named captain, while Kharumnuid will surely be first choice goalie. The others will have to jostle for places in what should be a very competitive team. The experienced contingent from Langsning, however, will likely be the foundation on which Ryntih’s campaign will be based.

A number of the 18 players scored plenty in last season’s SPL, for a total of 21 goals, which compares pretty well to Langsning’s and Lajong’s 28 goals each in 2018’s league stage. Sohktung scored the most of Ryntih’s new players with five goals to his name.

Ryntih, who were founded in 1998, are based out of Mawlai Mawdatbaki and recently won the Rani Motors Knockout Football Tournament in Laitkseh by defeating Laban 3-0 in the final (in which several of the players who they’ve now officially signed played for them). They are believed to have bid around Rs 6 lakh for the SPL spot, though TSR can’t confirm this.

Direct entry teams have not done so well in Shillong before but Ryntih have really dipped into their wallets in order to put up a super strong team. Whether that strength on paper converts to success on the pitch will have to be seen.

(Photos: Instagram/Ryntih SC. Clockwise from top left – Allen Lyngdoh Nongbri, Sheen Sohktung, Badondor Marbaniang, Maitshaphrang Kharumnuid, Banpynkhrawnam Nongkhlaw, Andy Mawthoh, Reson Malngiang, Will Marbaniang, Ronnie Nongbri, Milancy Khongstia, Eric Nongkhlaw, Dameki Khongstia)

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