Shillong, Mar 28: Meghalaya won 10 gold medals, plus a rich crop of 10 silver and 10 bronze, at the WAKO India National Kickboxing Federation Cup in Pune. The tournament ran from 24th March and concluded today.

Eight Meghalaya kickboxers won medals on the first proper day of competition on 25th March, with the following day and yesterday yielding nine medals each. Today Pynnehbor Mylliemngap won two gold medals to defend his title as national champion for the fifth time both in musical form hard style with and without stick. Mylliemngap, who hails from Smit, was also the Asian champion in 2017, the Meghalaya State Kickboxing Association (MSKA) said.

In all, 59 kickboxers and MSKA officials travelled to Pune for the tournament.

Meghalaya’s gold medal winners:
Heimonmi Suchiang (full contact, junior boys, -54kg); Yestingroy L Nongrum (full contact, junior boys, -60kg); Obinas Warjri (full contact, senior men, -54kg); Mary Queen Kharkongor (full contact, junior girls, -52kg); Babit Kharsahnoh (low kick, senior men, -51kg); Pynchrian Miki Rabon (low kick, senior men, -67kg); Hameshaniah Suiam (kick light, senior men, -57kg); Blaseibok Kharbuli (K-1 rule, junior boys, -51kg); Pynnehbor Mylliemngap (musical form hard style)

Meghalaya’s silver medal winners:
Ibadarishisha Mukhim (full contact, junior girls, -48kg); Micheal Kharmuti (full contact, junior boys, -57kg); Emdor Blah (light contact, junior boys, -45kg); Nassar Kharpein (low kick, senior men, -51kg); Khrawjutang Kharsyntiew (low kick, senior men, -54kg); Bantei Sungoh (low kick, senior men, -63kg); Danila Mylliemngap (low kick, senior women, -52kg); George Lyngdoh Nonglait (kick light, senior men, -51kg); Comfort L Mawlong (kick light, junior boys, -47kg); Lashanskhem Marwein (light contact, junior boys, -42kg)

Meghalaya’s bronze medal winners:
Wanksanpura Nengnong (point fighting, 7-9 years boys, -30kg); Teidanylla Ryntathiang (point fighting, senior women, -45kg); Stephanson Lyngdoh (full contact, junior boys, -51kg); Mebinsan Marwein (full contact, junior boys, -51kg); Hameshaniah Suiam (point fighting, senior men, -54kg); Evangel Nengnong (low kick, junior girls, -52kg); Lamshaphrang Malngiang (kick light, junior boys, -42kg); Badariakor Diengdoh (kick light, junior girls, -42kg); Kiven (kick light, junior boys, -51kg); Lapynshniang Syiemlieh (kick light, junior girls; -47kg)

(Photo contributed by the Meghalaya State Kickboxing Association)

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