Shillong, Apr 7: Batsrang A Sangma (pictured crossing the finish line) and Pynhun Shullet won the men’s and women’s events respectively at the inaugural edition of the Shillong 10K here yesterday morning.

More than 600 runners participated in the 10km race, which was the city’s first chip-timed event. The race was organised by RunMeghalaya in collaboration with the Directorate of Sports & Youth Affairs and started and ended at Crinoline Swimming Pool.

Sangma won the men’s open category with a time of 33 minutes, 39 seconds, which was just 12 seconds ahead of second-placed Prince Raj Mishra (0:33:51). Ribet Dkhar finished third with a time of 0:34:35, RunMeghalaya said on its Facebook page today.

In the women’s open category Shullet was first with a time of 43 minutes, 38 seconds. She was more than one minute ahead of Bandasharai Marwein in second (0:44:44) and almost three minutes ahead of third-placed Dakahi Kyndait (0:46:35).

There were also some notable results in the girls’ junior category (12-16 years), where winner Marqueenless Ramsiej (0:43:44) and second-placed Lesmimery Lyngkhoi (0:44:24) were actually faster than Marwein in the open category.

Open category (male, 17-34 years):

1st Batsrang A Sangma (0:33:39); 2nd Prince Raj Mishra (0:33:51); 3rd Ribet Dkhar (0:34:35); 4th Emphius Nongrum (0:34:58); 5th Witnar A Sangma (0:36:04)

Open category (female, 17-34 years):

1st Pynhun Shullet (0:43:38); 2nd Bandasharai Marwein (0:44:44); 3rd Dakahi Kyndait (0:46:35); 4th Sonai Ingtih (0:47:20); 5th Agita Timung (0:48:04)

Junior category (male, 12-16 years):

1st Shainingstar Marwein (0:35:09); 2nd Defenstar Pakem (0:35:20); 3rd Dabit Dkhar (0:35:46)

Junior category (female, 12-16 years):

1st Marqueenless Ramsiej (0:43:44); 2nd Lesmimery Lyngkhoi (0:44:24); 3rd Balasiewdor Pathaw (0:44:57)

Senior category (male, 35-49 years):

1st Arbet Nonglang (0:38:06); 2nd Garrymoore Kharlor (0:39:20); 3rd Towanki Lyngdoh (0:40:21)

Senior category (female, 35-49 years):

1st Snora Lyngkhoi (0:46:32); 2nd Tshering Bhutia (0:48:59); 3rd Daphika Pakyntein (0:54:58)

Veteran category (male, 50 years and above):

1st Kedrik Kharpor (0:43:12); 2nd Worning Lyngkhoi (0:43:32); 3rd Hector Marbaniang (0:44:48)

Veteran category (female, 50 years and above):

1st Kmoin Wahlang (0:54:53); Melina Nonglang (1:00:05); Trissina Wanniang (1:05:54)

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