Shillong, May 28: Promoted to the upcoming season of the Shillong Premier League, Nongrim Hills signed the most number of players in the Shillong Sports Association’s transfer window.

A total of 255 transfers were made this year, up on 2018’s figure of 218.

Nongrim signed up 22 U-18 and senior players, while Ryntih, who won a spot through auction in the SPL, picked up 18. Mawkhar, who were promoted to the First Division and who opted to also take part in the U-18 SPL, signed 17 players.

2013 SPL champions Rangdajied United, meanwhile, have brought in 19, but parted ways with another 18.

Ryntih really shook things up among the more established teams like Rangdajied and twice defending champions Langsning by poaching several of their players.

RUFC and Langsning have swapped a couple of players with Ronaldkydon Lyngdoh Nonglait and Donlad Diengdoh moving to Rangdajied, while Ksankupar Khongmalai and Fedrick Wahlang have come to Langsning. In total Langsning have lost 14 players and gained the same number as well.

Meanwhile, despite earlier rumours of Malki fighting their one-year ban from the SPL, it looks like they will be absent this season, with 16 of their players departing for other clubs. In addition, it has been learnt that several others have made their way to clubs in other districts.

Four of their 16 departing players have gone to Nongrim – Suponglemba Khongwir, Franklin Surong, Vinici L Darlong and Pynshngainlang Shati Iangrai – while others have moved to Nangkiew Irat (3), Smit (2) and seven other clubs (1 each).

Club Players out Players in
Malki 16 0
Laban 5 8
Umsohsun 1 0
Shillong United 1 0
Shillong Lajong 11 2
Rangdajied United 18 19
Langsning 14 14
Wahingdoh 7 0
Nongmynsong 1 1
Rising 11 0
Nongrim Hills 2 22
Umphrup 2 0
Smit 3 9
Nongkrem 10 0
Mawkhar 2 17
Laitumkhrah 2 7
Gorkha Association 0 3
Lumshyiap 1 6
Riatsamthiah 5 8
Sawmer 22 9
Nongsohphoh 2 0
Nongthymmai 6 15
Mawlai 7 13
Mawpat 3 1
Nangkiew Irat 12 11
Imson 4 0
Mawryngkneng 2 0
Pohkseh 2 4
Sohryngkham 5 0
Madanrting 2 0
Rynjah 2 0
Umphyrnai 1 11
Umlyngka 4 8
Krang 1 0
Jongksha 2 0
Green Age 1 0
Lamlynti 3 0
Lawmali Pyllun 4 0
Laitlyngkot 4 0
Ryntih 3 18
Lumdiengjri 3 0
Meghalaya Police 1 15
Marbisu 4 5
Nongkseh 3 0
Umpling 3 1
Nongrah 0 1
Laitkor 3 4
Qualapatty 2 0
Sohiong 9 0
Lapalang 0 3
Lawsohtun 4 7
Golflink 1 0
Laitkyrhong 0 11
Mawtawar 7 0
Mawreng 2 0
Risa Colony 3 0
Lumparing 1 2
Mylliem 3 0
Nongumlong 2 0


Interestingly, despite both being relegated from the SPL last year, Meghalaya Police and Sawmer have opted for different strategies. In Sawmer’s case 22 players have exited and nine signed, while the police have taken on 15 and seen only one leave.

Another team that was notably active in the transfer window was little-known (at least to TSR) Laitkyrhong. They have brought on 11 players and that’s because they won the auction to fill up the vacant Second Division spot that was created when Ryntih moved to the SPL. Laitkyrhong, for those who don’t know, is in the area around Mawkynrew.

Player Old Club New Club
1 Maxcimillian B Wahlang Golflink Laitumkhrah
2 Onxyson Buhroy Wahingdoh Laitumkhrah
3 Austin Marbaniang Nongthymmai Laitumkhrah
4 Korbar Dkhar Imson Laitumkhrah
5 Tynshainsngur Marboh Riatsamthiah Laitumkhrah
6 Aibanseibor Wankhar Umpling Laitumkhrah
7 Kenstar Khonglam Mawkhar Laitumkhrah
8 James Jesper Suting Nangkiew Irat Langsning
9 Ksankupar Khongmalai Rangdajied Utd Langsning
10 Pynbhalang Suting Rising Langsning
11 Ryngkat Yanni M Ryngksai Laban Langsning
12 Preciousland Kharbhih Sawmer Langsning
13 Mebanteikupar R Mylliemgngap Lawmali Pyllun Langsning
14 Evan Robert Syiemlieh Rising Langsning
15 Macdonald K Lyngdoh Wahingdoh Langsning
16 Pynkhrawkupar Kharbuli Lawmali Pyllun Langsning
17 Rikmenlang Nongrum Laitlyngkot Langsning
18 Fedrick Wahlang Rangdajied Utd Langsning
19 Kynsaibor Warjri Lawmali Pyllun Langsning
20 Derick Syiemlieh Lawmali Pyllun Langsning
21 Bekestar Nongkhlaw Sohryngkham Langsning
22 Bashemphang Thongney Nongrim Hills Umpling
23 Balajied Syiemlieh Rangdajied Utd Mawkhar
24 Nangroishaphrang L Nonglait Mawlai Mawkhar
25 Restarwell Marbaniang Sawmer Mawkhar
26 Ferback Dohtdong Sawmer Mawkhar
27 Bestmoonfield Paliar Sawmer Mawkhar
28 Joinborlang Kharumnuid Malki Mawkhar
29 Bitdorlang Pyngrope Mawpat Mawkhar
30 Balapynshai Nengnong Nangkiew Irat Mawkhar
31 Shiningstar Nongdhar Nongthymmai Mawkhar
32 Wellson Kupar Hynniewta Wahingdoh Mawkhar
33 Fairlystar Suting Shillong Lajong Mawkhar
34 Aenam Graffenberg Jyrwa Shillong Lajong Mawkhar
35 Bariwanker Sun Mawlai Mawkhar
36 Aibiang Mane Nongneng Shillong Lajong Mawkhar
37 Libestone Nongkynrih Laitlyngkot Mawkhar
38 Garnoldstar Marbaniang Mawlai Mawkhar
39 Threemin Lymba Nangkiew Irat Mawkhar
40 Ebimos Kharkongor Laitkor Umphyrnai
41 Maxaustin Wanswett Pohkseh Umphyrnai
42 Hallistone Kharkongor Ryntih Umphyrnai
43 Rapborlang Kharmawphlang Nangkiew Irat Umphyrnai
44 Bakitbok Mawlong Nangkiew Irat Umphyrnai
45 Sanjini Dkhar Ryntih Umphyrnai
46 Rudolf Shadap Sohryngkham Umphyrnai
47 Damonlang Kharbyngar Nongkrem Umphyrnai
48 Benezar Kharkongor Nongthymmai Umphyrnai
49 Armanki Kharkongor Rangdajied Utd Umphyrnai
50 Robinroy Khongjoh Ryntih Umphyrnai
51 Bradley Kharkongor Rynjah Nongrim Hills
52 Steward Ryntong Mawtawar Nongrim Hills
53 Shanmeiaki Warlarpih Umphrup Nongrim Hills
54 Baniarphang Pyngrope Sohryngkham Nongrim Hills
55 Besparland Nongrang Krang Nongrim Hills
56 Gadiel Lhouvum Umsohsun Nongrim Hills
57 Fredyson Kharbyngar Smit Nongrim Hills
58 Lenny Paul Kurbah Marbisu Nongrim Hills
59 Suponglemba Khongwir Malki Nongrim Hills
60 Ribankerlang Dkhar Mawkhar Nongrim Hills
61 Phibankhrawbok Nongkhlaw Lumparing Nongrim Hills
62 Russel CL Nongkynrih Sawmer Nongrim Hills
63 Pollestar Kharjana Sohiong Nongrim Hills
64 Franklin Surong Malki Nongrim Hills
65 Niwan-o Bareh Langsning Nongrim Hills
66 Mebanpynhunlang Hynniewta Pohkseh Nongrim Hills
67 Justerwell Tham Sawmer Nongrim Hills
68 Banshemphang Kurbah Mawreng Nongrim Hills
69 Mebanshan Suting Rangdajied Utd Nongrim Hills
70 Vinici L Darlong Malki Nongrim Hills
71 Batifer Swer Rising Nongrim Hills
72 Pynshngainlang Shati Iangrai Malki Nongrim Hills
73 Richarles Rani Sohryngkham Laitkor
74 Aiborlang Kharbani Nongthymmai Laitkor
75 Euvansius Mawthoh Nongkrem Laitkor
76 Eric B Kharmih Nongthymmai Laitkor
77 Banskhemlang Nongdhar Mawtawar Nongthymmai
78 Banteiburom Masynting Mawtawar Nongthymmai
79 Bonafide Kurbah Mawtawar Nongthymmai
80 Pynskhemlang Jana Mawtawar Nongthymmai
81 Wankhrawkupar Mukhim Mawryngkneng Nongthymmai
82 Pyndap War Imson Nongthymmai
83 Adelbert Kharjana Sohiong Nongthymmai
84 Comingstar Jana Sohiong Nongthymmai
85 Balance Mawlong Sohiong Nongthymmai
86 Anthony Kharkongor Sohiong Nongthymmai
87 Macmillan Mukhim Malki Nongthymmai
88 Rex Smith Marbaniang Lawsohtun Nongthymmai
89 Rishain Wahlang Risa Colony Nongthymmai
90 Lurmankara Lyngdoh Sawmer Nongthymmai
91 Ynpynkupbor Nongbsap Sohiong Nongthymmai
92 Bryan Kharbudnah Mylliem Meghalaya Police
93 Everestarly Rynjah Sawmer Meghalaya Police
94 Honour Lucky Nongbri Sawmer Meghalaya Police
95 Everywell Khongjee Laban Meghalaya Police
96 Chesterfield Nongdhar Nangkiew Irat Meghalaya Police
97 Aldrin M Ramsiej Mawlai Meghalaya Police
98 Marbiangki Suchiang Nangkiew Irat Meghalaya Police
99 Bisharlang Kharumnuid Rangdajied Utd Meghalaya Police
100 Rapioki Suting Nangkiew Irat Meghalaya Police
101 Pynshaisngi Kharshiing Mawlai Meghalaya Police
102 Skillfull Tariang Langsning Shillong Lajong
103 Nangteiboklang Kharsahnoh Rangdajied Utd Shillong Lajong
104 Khrawkupar Jana Shillong Lajong Lawsohtun
105 Pynshai Surong Rangdajied Utd Lawsohtun
106 Ronaldo Iawbor Wahingdoh Lawsohtun
107 Bhabokstar Shyrkon Nongrim Hills Lawsohtun
108 Tryborlang Khongjee Laban Lawsohtun
109 Kampher Khongnoh Laban Lawsohtun
110 Shamskhem Khonglah Rangdajied Lawsohtun
111 Tishostar Nongrum Umpling Pohkseh
112 Martin Marboh Riatsamthiah Pohkseh
113 Ronyson Kharkongor Madanrting Pohkseh
114 Rikmenlang Marwein Malki Pohkseh
115 Konbestar Mylliem Wahingdoh Laitkyrhong
116 Rishanlang Khongsngi Sohryngkham Laitkyrhong
117 Banderson Mylliem Wahingdoh Laitkyrhong
118 Banribok Rynjah Jongksha Laitkyrhong
119 Kostarwin Rynjah Laitkor Laitkyrhong
120 Iohborlang Nonglyer Sawmer Laitkyrhong
121 Skhemborlang Majaw Laitlyngkot Laitkyrhong
122 Batskhembor Nongkynrih Langsning Laitkyrhong
123 Eldingstar Nongrum Nongkrem Laitkyrhong
124 Billingstar Kurkalang Jongksha Laitkyrhong
125 Banshaibok Khongsngi Shillong United Laitkyrhong
126 Macdonald Kharbuli Marbisu Sawmer
127 Arkong Mawlong Marbisu Sawmer
128 Lamshaphrang Kurbah Marbisu Sawmer
129 Kynsaibor Shyrkon Malki Sawmer
130 Barikupar Kenneth Kharumnuid Nongkseh Sawmer
131 Mebanjop Warjri Nangkiew Irat Sawmer
132 Zothanpuia Bawitlung Wahingdoh Sawmer
133 Yangming Khriam Rising Sawmer
134 Kenoldstar Marbaniang Mawlai Sawmer
135 Md Meraj Nongsohphoh Gorkha Association
136 Sourav Biswa Nongsohphoh Gorkha Association
137 Teiborlang Marbaniang Nongmynsong Gorkha Association
138 Elnathan D Wahlang Malki Lumparing
139 Donlaimain Wahlang Sohiong Lumparing
140 Bonyfast Lyngdoh Imson Riatsamthiah
141 Livingstone Nongrang Sohiong Riatsamthiah
142 Banshan Marsharing Mawpat Riatsamthiah
143 Heiwanbha Dkhar Mawryngkneng Riatsamthiah
144 Afreeborn Kharmyndai Sohiong Riatsamthiah
145 Fourstar Pohshna Rising Riatsamthiah
146 Mangdame Kyndiah Rangdajied Utd Riatsamthiah
147 Skhemthik Salahe Rising Riatsamthiah
148 Raimiki Challam Sawmer Laban
149 Asito Krose Nongkrem Laban
150 Wanboklang Rynjah Lawsohtun Laban
151 Ricky Kharbuli Malki Laban
152 Mowel Chyne Shillong Lajong Laban
153 Mickyson Tangsong Shillong Lajong Laban
154 Stephanfield Lanong Mawlai Laban
155 Freedy Firstborn Warbah Rynjah Laban
156 Nangseiboklang Rani Mawreng Rangdajied United
157 Ailumbha Rapsang Umlyngka Rangdajied United
158 Orestarwell Langshiang Riatsamthiah Rangdajied United
159 Ramme John Lyngdoh Risa Colony Rangdajied United
160 Fernando Sohkhlet Sawmer Rangdajied United
161 Mebanrikupar Rynjah Sawmer Rangdajied United
162 Starjune Jana Sawmer Rangdajied United
163 Rodonald Kharbuli Umlyngka Rangdajied United
164 Dinboklang Majaw Nongkseh Rangdajied United
165 Masterious Marbaniang Umlyngka Rangdajied United
166 George Vannie Lyngdoh Nonglang Sawmer Rangdajied United
167 Klinstar Marbaniang Sawmer Rangdajied United
168 Knerkitlang Buam Riatsamthiah Rangdajied United
169 Ronney Willson Kharbudon Riatsamthiah Rangdajied United
170 Wanbantei Nongneng Umlyngka Rangdajied United
171 Bankyrshanlang L Mawphlang Sawmer Rangdajied United
172 Donlad Diengdoh Langsning Rangdajied United
173 Wanlambha Kharpran Nongkrem Rangdajied United
174 Ronaldkydon L Nonglait Langsning Rangdajied United
175 Mandalson Syiemlieh Malki Nangkiew Irat
176 Albert Nongsiej Qualapatty Nangkiew Irat
177 Frankstar Kharkongor Mylliem Nangkiew Irat
178 Metoshanki Mawroh Umpling Nangkiew Irat
179 Donald Carlos Nongbri Sawmer Nangkiew Irat
180 Pynbhalang Pyngrope Sawmer Nangkiew Irat
181 Primrose Lamat Malki Nangkiew Irat
182 Denelson Pyngrope Malki Nangkiew Irat
183 Pynche Iai Tyngkan Meghalaya Police Nangkiew Irat
184 Shaibor Nongrum Sawmer Nangkiew Irat
185 Banshanlang Nongdhar Smit Nangkiew Irat
186 Eddiedame Banbha Mawthoh Madanrting Umlyngka
187 Sairos Marbaniang Green Age Umlyngka
188 Ronnie Syiemiong Mylliem Umlyngka
189 Jason Rupert Lyngdoh Nongkseh Umlyngka
190 Pynshngain Warjri Nongumlong Umlyngka
191 Bakitdor Marbaniang Nongumlong Umlyngka
192 Blessiful Mylliem Umlong Sawmer Umlyngka
193 Samborlang Shynret Laitumkhrah Umlyngka
194 Alferson Kurbah Langsning Marbisu
195 Damebanbha Nongdhar Rangdajied Utd Marbisu
196 Diego Albestar Khyriem Rangdajied Utd Marbisu
197 Mewanpynshngain Kharsyntiew Rangdajied Utd Marbisu
198 Orestar Sad Rangdajied Utd Marbisu
199 Banraplang Mawphlang Qualapatty Mawlai
200 Teibanskhembha Khongkai Shillong Lajong Mawlai
201 Pynbhaboklang Marngar Nongkrem Mawlai
202 Roney Chel Khongrangjem Langsning Mawlai
203 Denzil Gorby Warjri Rising Mawlai
204 Wanboklang Lyngkhoi Rising Mawlai
205 Samborlang Ryntathiang Rangdajied Utd Mawlai
206 Ferdinand Makri Nangkiew Irat Mawlai
207 Salvius Syiem Nongkrem Mawlai
208 Bansuklang Bina Mawpat Mawlai
209 Oversharp Iawphniaw Imson Mawlai
210 Mikah Sungoh Smit Mawlai
211 Banskhemlang Mawlong Rangdajied Utd Mawlai
212 Baiainehskhem Nongspung Lumshyiap Nongmynsong
213 Dlikstar Mawlong Lamlynti Lapalang
214 Shamphrang Mawlong Lamlynti Lapalang
215 Karwistar Jana Lamlynti Lapalang
216 Greeting Wahlang Lawsohtun Mawpat
217 Baskhembor Warlarpih Umphyrnai Smit
218 Kerborlang Nongspung Nongkrem Smit
219 Khrawborlang Sohthiang Laitumkhrah Smit
220 Banlongkhraw Kharbyngar Laitkor Smit
221 Nangshemlang Wahlang Umphrup Smit
222 Bannangkiew Shaphrang Khriam Sawmer Smit
223 Rapborlang Warkhyllew Nongkrem Smit
224 Pynshngainlang Nongdhar Malki Smit
225 Damankhraw Nengnong Malki Smit
226 Milancy Khongstia Langsning Ryntih
227 Badonkupar Marbaniang Rising Ryntih
228 Allen Camper L Nongbri Shillong Lajong Ryntih
229 Restomwell Khriam Langsning Ryntih
230 Dibinroy Nongspung Langsning Ryntih
231 Ronnie Mcdonald Nongbri Malki Ryntih
232 Dameki Khongstia Shillong Lajong Ryntih
233 Brolington Warlarpih Langsning Ryntih
234 Fullmoon Mukhim Langsning Ryntih
235 Eric Nongkhlaw Langsning Ryntih
236 Ebormi Buam Langsning Ryntih
237 Andy Zachary Mawthoh Rangdajied Utd Ryntih
238 Banpynkhrawnam Nongkhlaw Nangkiew Irat Ryntih
239 Wilbert Donboklang Marbaniang Rising Ryntih
240 Maitshaphrang Kharumnuid Nangkiew Irat Ryntih
241 Sheen Stevenson Sohktung Shillong Lajong Ryntih
242 Reson Malngiang Rangdajied Utd Ryntih
243 Robert Khongjoh Shillong Lajong Ryntih
244 Biangky Kharjana Lumdiengjri Lumshyiap
245 Andrew Pasweth Mawtawar Lumshyiap
246 Aldomac M Nongneng Daloi Lumdiengjri Lumshyiap
247 Shanborlang Ryndong Mawtawar Lumshyiap
248 Wanbantei Kurbah Lumdiengjri Lumshyiap
249 Lapynbha Kharbyngar Nongthymmai Lumshyiap
250 Wandaplang Wankhar Risa Colony Nongrah
251 Kiki Fernandez Syiemlieh Nongkrem Meghalaya Police
252 Denis Mawphniang Lawsohtun Meghalaya Police
253 Kamanwell Nongrum Laitlyngkot Meghalaya Police
254 Naraiuos Kharumnuid Laban Meghalaya Police
255 Hesmanwel Lyngdoh Marshillong Rising Meghalaya Police


(TSR file photo)

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