Shillong, Sep 27: Standard operating procedures have been laid down by the All India Football Federation for coach education courses in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

State football associations need to obtain permission from their respective state governments or other recognised authority before planning to hold coach education courses.

• Covid-19 RT-PCR test to be done and report should be submitted to the organisers/coordinators before the course. Test needs to be conducted 72 hours before arriving at the course facility.
• One or two coordinators to always be present to guide and remind participants of the protocols to be followed.
• Digital gun thermometer compulsory to check coach educators/student coaches/players/staff as they enter the facility regularly.
• Oximeter to check oxygen levels.
• Foot pump sanitiser stand with sanitiser at the entrance of the facility and at the door of the theory room.
• Theory room to be big enough to accommodate 26-32 participants.
• Thorough sanitisation of the entire area has to be done before participants enter the theory class and after each session is completed. This practice to be followed daily and preferably by professionals.
• Enough space between tables to maintain social distance, preferably one student coach on one table.
• Washrooms to be kept clean and sanitised at all times. Liquid soap compulsory in washrooms with adequate tissue paper.
• Keep disposable masks handy if coaches/candidates forget or lose their masks.
• Distribute SOPs to all candidates/staff/etc.
• Stick SOPs and other messages (“WEAR MASK”, “WASH HANDS”, etc) all over (theory/dressing/wash rooms, entrance to the pitch, etc)
• Check temperature of the candidates/players/staff/coaches/educators every time they enter the facility (theory/practical, etc)

Responsibilities of students coaches:
• Have to be responsible for their own safety and that of the others. Have to immediately bring to the notice of the coordinator or the coach educator if displaying any symptoms or feeling unwell.
• Each student coach to carry his/her own sanitiser and hand towel every time.
• Water bottle for refill. Each student coach to carry his/her own bottle with respective name. No plastic bottles allowed and no sharing of water from the same bottles.
• Student coaches can carry a (thermos flask) for hot/warm water to drink.
• Masks compulsory to enter the facility, during theory sessions and when answering exams.
• During breaks, social distancing to be maintained and masks to be on at all times.
• No handshakes, high fives or hugs will be allowed during the duration of the course with anyone.

Responsibilities for organisers:
• Paper cups and paper plates to be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks if provided by organisers.
• Disposable cutlery to be used.
• People serving food have to compulsory wear a cap, mask and gloves while serving.
• If accommodation is provided by the organisers, proper care to be taken for providing clean bedsheets, change of towels regularly, clean toilets with adequate liquid soap.
• Foot pedal sanitisers compulsory at the entrance of the facility.
• One dedicated coordinator must be at the entrance to make sure that every person who enters the facility get sanitised.
• All physiotherapy/massage shall be avoided unless absolutely necessary.
• In case  physiotherapy is deemed necessary student coaches/players must take a proper shower before the physiotherapy or massage session.
• Student coaches/players to be treated in a spacious, well-ventilated room.
• Physio should use disposable gloves at all times.
• Both physio and the injured player shall sanitise hands prior to attending/treating and after the treatment is done.
• Both physio and student coach/player should wear face masks during the treatment.
• Physio shall use disposable gloves, discarding them every time after each therapy session.
• Physio should take precautions not to touch eyes, nose, and mouth of the player.
• Medical room if provided in the course for any treatment should be well sanitised every day and after every treatment of student coach and player.

Responsibilities for training sessions:
• Foot pump sanitiser to be made available on the field, to perform hand hygiene before, during and after use of all training equipment.
• Maintain social distancing during warm-ups and cool-downs.
• No children below the age of 14 will be allowed for any session until further notice.
• Social distancing to be maintained at all times.
• No mask required when participant is physically taking part in the session. Once off the field, mask will be compulsory.
• Changing rooms to be thoroughly disinfected before and after the session.
• Dedicated person to get the equipment on the field and to take it back to the room.
• Participants cannot exchange bibs once worn. Therefore at least four sets of bibs of different colours will be required.
• Compulsory washing of bibs after every session.
• Any other equipment besides footballs needed for the session to be handled only by the kit man.
• Participants not to handle the ball during training sessions, especially if the ball is out of the playing area. Try to get it back by playing with feet rather than holding it in the hand.
• Spitting is prohibited on the pitch. If anybody found spitting will be fined Rs 100 for every offence.
• Each student coach has to carry his/her own water bottle. No plastic bottles allowed and no sharing of water allowed from the same bottle.
• No handshakes, high fives or hugs will be allowed during the duration of the course with anyone.
• Post completion of the session, participants should leave the field/venue as soon as possible and take necessary precautions for safety.
• Personal equipment and kit to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after every session.
• In case any student coach is found or has symptoms of Covid-19 during the course, he/she will be asked to self-isolate and will not be allowed to continue the course. His/her AIFF course fee can be adjusted for a future attempt at the same course.

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