Shillong, Aug 18: The Mawngap centre of the Meghalaya Baby League 2019 was the latest to get underway, hosting 12 matches yesterday.

Also involved were the Shillong centre and Smit centre. In addition, the Laitkseh Baby League, which is independently run but affiliated with the Meghalaya Football Association, also held their opening matches.

The six teams in the Mawngap centre are Marbisu Phoenix, Lawmei Leopards, Little Kickers Ferrets, Nongtrai Cheetahs, Upper Shillong Colts and Rangdajied United Eagles.

Marbisu Phoenix and Lawmei Leopards played the first matches, with the Phoenix winning the U-9 category, the Leopards winning the U-12 category, while the U-7 and U-11 games were drawn.

Little Kickers won all four of their matches against Nongtrai Cheetahs, while Rangdajied United Eagles and Upper Shillong Colts won two matches each against each other; the Eagles won the U-7 and U-12 categories, while the Colts won the U-9 and U-11 matches.

In Shillong, Touchline NE Cubs won the U-7 and U-11 games against Mawlai Raptors. The U-12 match was a 1-1 draw, while the Raptors won the U-9 match. Onsides Gibbons and PFR Flying Squirrels, meanwhile, shared spoils, winning two matches each. Nongthymmai Scorpions then almost swept the board against JNS Jaguars, winning the U-7, U-9 and U-11 matches, but a late charge by the Jaguars ensured that the U-12 fixture ended in an exciting 3-3 draw.

Finally, in Smit, Mawlatbah Hawks won all four of their contests against Mawryngkneng Goldfinches. It was the same for Laitkor Flamingos, who were victorious in all four games against Deni Linda Pumas. Smit Grassroot Zebras, meanwhile, won three matches against Wahlakhiat Bulls, with the latter winning one.

(Photo of action in Mawngap contributed by the Meghalaya Football Association)

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