Shillong, Nov 6: The third edition of the Mawkyrwat Ultra marathon was held on 25th and 26th October amid torrential rains and heavy winds that battered the venue of Shngimawlein and the rest of the district.

There were 250 runners in four categories – 30km, 45km, 72km and the new 100km race.

The closest event was the 45km men’s race, with Batsrang Sangma finishing five seconds ahead of Tlanding Wahlang.

100km Male Female
1st Okitlang Syiemlieh  10:28 Iola Hopkinson 11:25
2nd Pynshngainlang Dkhar 10:41
3rd Jovial Laloo 11:01
72km Male Female
1st Fulningstar Nonglang 6:15 Deepa Bhat 10:12
2nd Arbet Nonglang 6:39 Daphika Pakyntein 10:37
3rd Swonding Mawlong 7:01
45km Male Female
1st Batsrang Sangma 2:58:10 Bandasharai Marwein 04:29
2nd Tlanding Wahlang 2:58:15 Snora Lyngkhoi 04:44
3rd Shanborlang Mawlong 3:08:11 Bankinus Wanniang 05:06
30km Male Female
1st Jomsingstar Ramsiej 1:57:32 Dateibankynmaw Marwein 2:33
2nd Shainingstar Marwein 1:58:37 Kyntimon Marwein 2:38
3rd Stilin Jyrwa 2:01:31 Aidaris Lyngkhoi 2:48


(Photos contributed by RunMeghalaya. From left Dateibankynmaw Marwein, Tlanding Wahlang, Batsrang Sangma)

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