Shillong, Aug 11: The Association of Indian Football Coaches has launched a campaign – Covid-19 Coach Stimulus Program — #AIFCforCoaches, an initiative supported by SportingLions Foundation and GiveIndia Foundation.

The campaign was launched with a video message by AIFC Director Dinesh Nair.

Throughout the pandemic the AIFC has tried to keep coaches motivated and mentally engaged through various webinars and webtalks. However, this initiative is meant to help coaches meet some of their daily needs in these difficult times.

“We intend to support and provide three-month basic supplies to 1,000 coaches across the country. We have also appointed state and zonal coordinators who will identify these coaches,” a press release said.

“The AIFC and the coaching community has always been about growing together and supporting one another. And it is during such times when we need the support of each other the most. That’s exactly what this initiative is about. Let’s all come forward and held our dear coaches,” Derrick Pereira, AIFC Director and FC Goa Technical Director, said.

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