Shillong, Aug 26: The news that Lionel Messi is prepared to leave Barcelona for new pastures coupled with the signing spree undertaken by Ryntih recently inspired one particular joker to go so far as to create a fake post using the name and logo of the Shillong club to announce that Ryntih were interested in signing the Argentine football star.

Ryntih, however, failed to see any humour in the post and filed a complaint with the police.

Soon after a person claiming to be responsible for the joke apologised, saying he did not mean to cause embarrassment to the club, rather he had only meant it as a bit of fun to be shared with friends, including Ryntih players.

The fake post said that Ryntih have “made an official bid” for Messi and that talks had been held to complete the transfer by September.

“Messi has spoken highly of Mawlai people and their passion towards football,” it went on.

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