Shillong, Mar 13: Thirty different clans are taking part in the 1st Nongkynrih FCA Inter Kur Knockout Football Tournament at Madan Lyngdoh, Raid Nongkynrih, in Hima Khyrim.

The tournament began yesterday and was opened by the Syiem of Hima Khyrim, Paiem Dr Balajied S Syiem. Also present were Federation of Khasi States Adviser & Spokesperson John F Kharshiing and others.

There are 32 teams in all, with the Nongkynrih and Rynjah clans fielding two teams each.

Clan Nongrum faced clan Marbaniang in the opening match, with the latter winning 2-1.

The 30 participating clans are Nongrum, Marbaniang, Langstieh, Mylliem, Khongwet, Kharumnuid, Kurkalang, Tariang, Khongshun, Kurbah, Majaw, Myrthong, Nongkynrih, Khongtani, Khonglah, Tham, Nongdhar, Khongjoh, Khongsni, Rynjah, Kharkongor, Khyriem, Lyngdoh Mawphlang, Pyngrope, Nongspung, Khongwir, Nongsteng, Khongsti, Warlarpih and Lyngkhoi.

(Photo contributed by Nongkynrih FCA)

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