Shillong, Jul 7: Meghalaya won their opening match of the North East Women’s Football League 6-1 against Assam in Imphal today.

Incredibly, they managed to do so after arriving in the Manipur capital on the same day.

Nisilia Majaw scored a hat-trick, Sunalinda Iawren a brace and Iawanlang Nongbet one goal.

The league is the brainchild of Anantapura Sports Events of Rajasthan. Participating players are to earn Rs 50,000 each and the champion team will receive Rs 5 lakh.

Each state put together a squad of 12 players, with another four being chosen from around the country by the organisers for a total of 16. The 12 Meghalaya players are Nisilia Majaw, Iawanlang Nongbet, Rivilda Rynjah, Philawansha Mylliemngap, Badarisha Kharumnuid, Banrilang Lyngdoh Nongbri, Aidashisha Shadap, Aibaplielad Skhemiew, Rushia Dkhar, Sunalinda Iawren, Phidarilin Swer and Betsheba Kharsyntiew.

The next match will see Meghalaya, dubbed the Leopards, face Arunachal Pradesh Tigers tomorrow at 3PM.

(Meghalaya Football Association photo)

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