Shillong, Aug 26: Rebels FC, a club based in Bangalore, have signed up an astonishing number of players from Meghalaya for their BDFA Super Division campaign.

As many as nine footballers (by TSR’s count) from the state are with the team. The club gained promotion to the Super Division after winning last season’s A Division.

Six of the Meghalaya players have joined from Shillong Premier League clubs. These are Dawanchwa Carlos Challam, Kyntiewshaphrang Kharlukhi (both from Ryntih), Batskhem Thangkhiew, Russel CL Nongkynrih (both Langsning), Arlangky Nongsiej and Charles Lyngdoh (both Mawkhar).

Then there are a further three that TSR doesn’t know much about – Dannley Jason Mawniuh, Danzel Derique Umdor and Dashanlang War. The latter did play U-12 football for Shillong Lajong several years ago, a quick search of the internet reveals.

Challam, Kharlukhi, Thangkhiew and Nongkynrih started for the Rebels in their opening match of the season against Sporting Club Bengaluru (who have a Meghalaya connection of their own) on Wednesday, while Nongsiej was utilised as a substitute. It was SC Bengaluru, however, that emerged 3-2 victors.

(Rebels FC photo)

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