Shillong, Aug 16: The Meghalaya Football Association has cautioned against anyone having dealings with the Thadlaskein Sports Association, which has been suspended by the MFA.

In a release issued today, MFA Acting Secretary D Ryntathiang said that it has come to the state governing body’s notice that “certain individuals are organising a football league using the name of the Thadlaskein Sports Association.”

The TSA, however, has been suspended by the MFA “and is no longer recognised,” he added, and any tournament or league organised by the local association will not be recognised by the MFA.

It was in October 2019 that the TSA was suspended for a “breach of the constitution and the directives” of the MFA, apparently concerning the election of its senior members.

Today, Ryntathiang said that the MFA “is currently making efforts to integrate all stakeholders interested in the growth of football in the Thadlaskein area and revive a body that will be affiliated to the MFA. The Meghalaya Football Association would also like to state that no interest is greater than the larger interest of developing football in the state and seeks the cooperation of all like minded people in this endeavour. Any attempt by
any individual or group to disrupt this process will not be taken lightly by the
executive committee of the MFA.”

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