Shillong, Oct 25: The Meghalaya Football Association has suspended “with immediate effect” the Thadlaskein Sports Association due to a “breach of the constitution and the directives” of the MFA.

The decision was made on Wednesday at a meeting of the MFA’s senior executive members, the association said in a press release today.

“In view of the violations the TSA has been derecognised with immediate effect.┬áThe process for conducting an election for the constitution of new office bearers of the TSA will be taken up by the MFA at an appropriate date,” the MFA stated. “Henceforth, until the new office bearers of the TSA are elected and the executive constituted, the public is advised that all matters relating to the Thadlaskein Sports Association are to be addressed to the Meghalaya Football Association.”

The press release doesn’t go into detail regarding the violations, but the TSA had recently conducted an election for senior members and this apparently ran afoul of MFA procedures.

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