Shillong, May 24: East Khasi Hills bagged the title of overall champions at the State Level Inter School Athletic Meet, which concluded at the SAI Centre on the NEHU campus here today.

At the end of the three-day event, EKH secured 12 gold medals, six silver and three bronze. Besides winning the overall title, EKH were the girls’ champions having won eight gold, four silver and two bronze medals. The boys’ team champions were East Jaintia Hills, who finished with seven gold, one silver and seven bronze. West Jaintia Hills were runners-up in both girls’ and boys’ divisions.

EJH finished second in the overall medals table with 10 gold, two silver and 10 bronze. WJH, who were in the lead at the end of yesterday, dropped to third place with nine gold, 12 silver and seven bronze.

Individual awards for Best Athlete were also presented at the prize distribution ceremony today. In the U-14 category, Amandy Rumnong (EKH) won the award in the girls’ division and Rikangku D Sangma (South Garo Hills) in the boys’. Sibilda Maring (Ri-Bhoi) and Saidul Ali (EJH) won the U-16 girls’ and boys’ awards respectively, while in the U-18 category, Eliciana Lyngdoh (EKH) and Henry Yoga A Sangma, both representing EKH, won the girls’ and boys’ awards respectively.

The meet was organised by the Department of Sports and Youth Affairs in collaboration with the Meghalaya Athletics Association.

There were a total of 809 athletes – 397 boys and 412 girls – and 36 team officials who participated in the meet, which featured three age categories – U-14, U-16 and U-18 – in seven track and five field events.

In her speech, the chief guest, senior civil servant and noted former archer Matsiewdor War Nongbri, told the budding athletes “Please make use of your talents, the training that you have, please make use of the passion that you have for your sport, because this is the time that you can grow. I urge all my athlete friends to take these things forward and to use them to the best of your abilities through the training and help that you get from your coaches, officers in the district and the department itself.”

U-14 boys javelin
Athlete District Height/Distance Medal
Rikangku D Sangma SGH 51.88m Gold
Jericko B Marak NGH 41.02m Silver
Silran N Sangma EGH 40.63m Bronze
U-14 boys shot put
Athlete District Height/Distance Medal
Rikangku D Sangma SGH 13.10m Gold
Brean Doritch C Marak SGH 10.72m Silver
Wonderson Manar WJH 10.33m Bronze
U-16 boys long jump
Athlete District Height/Distance Medal
Saidul Ali EJH 5.88m Gold
Donang Tengsim Ch Marak WGH 5.74m Silver
Chesrang T Sangma NGH 5.69m Bronze
U-16 girls high jump
Athlete District Height/Distance Medal
Sibilda Maring Ri-Bhoi 1.48m Gold
Darihunlang Lapang Ri-Bhoi 1.34m Silver
Daffinia Dkhar WKH 1.34m Bronze
U-18 girls javelin
Athlete District Height/Distance Medal
Melibad Kro EKH 33.00m Gold
Nebaneka Sohphoh WKH 27.50m Silver
Dimechi K Sangma NGH 24.93m Bronze
U-16 boys 100m
Athlete District Time Medal
Ribait Bang EJH 0:11.76 Gold
Joshua Makri Ri-Bhoi 0:11.85 Silver
Saidul Ali EJH 0:11.90 Bronze
U-16 boys medley relay
District Time Medal
EKH 2:11.21 Gold
WJH 2:12.11 Silver
EJH 2:12.16 Bronze
U-16 girls 100m
Athlete District Time Medal
Kasanchi Marak EKH 0:13.99 Gold
Cheamingname R Marak NGH 0:14.05 Silver
Nikhel Kharbani WKH 0:14.31 Bronze
U-16 girls medley relay
District Time Medal
EKH 2:36.42 Gold
SWKH 2:41.61 Silver
WJH 2:44.43 Bronze
U-18 boys 100m
Athlete District Time Medal
Henry Yoga A Sangma EKH 0:11.67 Gold
Dangiaidlynti Timung Ri-Bhoi 0:11.79 Silver
Lawanphrang L Mawnai EWKH 0:11.88 Bronze
U-18 boys 1500m
Athlete District Time Medal
Rishanmehi Ryngkhlem EJH 4:27.00 Gold
Ram Shylla WJH 4:27.64 Silver
Daemiryntihki Pakma WJH 4:28.43 Bronze
U-18 boys 400m
Athlete District Time Medal
Iohiksan Lyngdoh WJH 0:53.12 Gold
Wanbha Dkhar WJH 0:53.20 Silver
Damebansan GP Rymbai EKH 0:53.39 Bronze
U-18 girls 100m
Athlete District Time Medal
Pringchi R Marak SGH 0:14.03 Gold
Phibakmen Rynghang Ri-Bhoi 0:14.09 Silver
Deigracia Dan WJH 0:14.16 Bronze
U-18 girls 1500m
Athlete District Time Medal
Wasaki Phawa EJH 5:34.93 Gold
Banrikordor Ramsiej SWKH 5:46.98 Silver
Julida Rongpi Ri-Bhoi 5:47.19 Bronze
U-18 girls 400m
Athlete District Time Medal
Ioris Syiem WKH 1:07.20 Gold
Daphawan Phawa WJH 1:08.16 Silver
Iaishah Biangpor Sohiong EKH 1:09.28 Bronze
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