Shillong, Dec 17: The 5th Meghalaya State Tennis Tournament came to a close here on Saturday. Players from all over the state took part, with Sanjeev Chettri winning the men’s singles and Jwelitta Johnson the women’s singles.

Chettri was also a winner in the men’s doubles after teaming up with Gideon D Shira, while Johnson also won the women’s doubles with Ridalang Mawroh.

Vijay Tej Gangapatnam was the U-16 singles champion.

Full results:

Men’s singles – Sanjeev Chettri (winner), Gideon D Shira (runner-up)

Men’s doubles – Sanjeev Chettri & Gideon D Shira (winners), Pankaj Kapoor & Stardiness Kharsyntiew (runners-up)

Women’s singles – Jwelitta Johnson (winner), Nisha Singh (runner-up)

Women’s doubles – Jwelitta Johnson & Ridalang Mawroh (winners), Aruna Bhaskar & Natasha Singh (runners-up)

U-16 singles – Vijay Tej Gangapatnam (winner), Jwelitta Johnson (runner-up)

(Photo contributed by the Meghalaya Tennis Association)

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