Shillong, Dec 18: Eugeneson Lyngdoh has taken over as President of the Shillong Sports Association, succeeding his father, the late Syntar Klas Sunn, who passed away in September.

Following the death of Sunn, who was the Mawphlang MLA, Lyngdoh contested the by-election and won the seat in October.

The SSA decided on Lyngdoh as the new President at a ‘special annual general meeting’ here today.

The 35-year-old former India international footballer thanked the SSA, with whom he began his playing career, for reposing its faith in him.

One of Sunn’s main focuses after taking over as SSA President was to give the association’s football stadium at First Ground a decent playing surface. Given how closely Sunn was attached to the project, Lyngdoh will likely aim to complete the work of his father.

The state government plans to put in an artificial football pitch, work on which will begin in March 2022. The idea is for the stadium to be able to seat 10,000 people in the end.

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