Shillong, Jan 11: Meghalaya finished a commendable second in the Kanninjuku National Shoto Cup Karate Championship in Gujarat from 29th December to 2nd January, with 24 gold, 17 silver and 15 bronze medals.

All of the 29 karatekas who participated from the state won medals at the championship, the All Meghalaya Karate-Do Association said in a press release yesterday.

Seven Meghalaya karatekas won double gold – in kata (form) and kumite (sparring) – namely Wandahunshisha Mawblei, Elisheba Khongwar, Eva Gracia Kharumnuid, Jake Damian Syiemiong, Gideon Tympuin, Frederick William Rani and Iainehlang Lyngdoh Nonglait.

The team was led by Mingson Rymbai (coach) and Arjun Sewa (manager).


Meghalaya medal winners (female):

Dayalangki Challam – Silver (individual kumite 9 years)

Loreenia Mawlong – Gold (individual kumite 9 years), Bronze (individual kata 9 years)

Stephanie Sun – Gold (individual kata 10 years), Silver (individual kumite 10 years)

Edahunsha Challam – Silver (individual kata 11 years), Bronze (individual kumite 11 years)

Daiahunlin Pde – Gold (individual kata 11 years), Silver (individual kumite 11 years)

Rosezana Kharkongor – Silver (individual kata 12 years), Silver (individual kumite 12 years)

Impera Makdoh – Bronze (individual kata 13 years)

Wandahunshisha Mawblei – Gold (individual kata 13 years), Gold (individual kumite 13 years)

Izadaphishisha Khongwar – Silver (individual kumite sub-junior), Bronze (individual kata sub-junior)

Elisheba Khongwar – Gold (individual kata sub-junior), Gold (individual kumite sub-junior)

Eva Gracia Kharumnuid – Gold (individual kata cadet), Gold (individual kumite cadet)

Naphisabet Nongkynrih – Gold (individual kumite 45kg), Silver (individual kata senior)

Meghalaya medal winners (male):

Gregor Wilson Makdoh – Gold (individual kata 10 years), Silver (individual kumite 10 years)

Jake Damian Syiemiong – Gold (individual kata 11 years), Gold (individual kumite 11 years)

Gideon Tympuin – Gold (individual kata 12 years), Gold (individual kumite 12 years)

Bhawanchwadame Lyngdoh Mawphlang – Gold (individual kata 12 years), Bronze (individual kumite 12 years)

Zimeon Sun – Silver (individual kata 12 years), Bronze (individual kumite 12 years)

Damanbha Pde – Gold (individual kumite 12 years), Bronze (individual kata 12 years)

Frederick William Rani – Gold (individual kata 13 years), Gold (individual kumite 13 years)

Meshanbor David Rymbai – Silver (individual kata 13 years), Silver (individual kumite 13 years)

Bakhamkyrpang Manik Syiemlieh – Gold (individual kumite cadet), Bronze (individual kata cadet)

Banteinam Marbaniang – Gold (individual kata cadet), Silver (individual kumite junior 45kg)

Iainehlang Lyngdoh Nonglait – Gold (individual kata junior), Gold (individual kumite junior 50kg)

Iainehlang Kharbuli – Gold (individual kumite junior 55kg), Silver (individual kata junior)

Banshanlang Pohlong – Silver (individual kumite junior 55kg), Bronze (individual kata senior)

Roger Vincent Kharbamon – Bronze (individual kata senior), Bronze (individual kumite senior 50kg)

Ashraful Nongsiej – Silver (individual kata senior), Silver (individual kumite senior 55kg)

Banrilang Lyngdoh Nonglait – Bronze (individual kata senior), Bronze (individual kumite 67kg)

Frederick Shangpliang – Bronze (individual kata senior), Bronze (individual kumite 60kg)

(Photo contributed by the All Meghalaya Karate-Do Association)

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