Shillong, Aug 20: Today’s Shillong Premier League match between Meghalaya Police and Malki had to be abandoned after a farcical situation developed, centred on the absence of ball boys.

The day started out normally enough with the players and referees coming out of the tunnel as usual, shaking hands and going through the coin toss.

Then it was realised that none of the corner flags were set up and the nets were not fixed properly.

Ball boys were also not present and at 4:15PM, half an hour after the scheduled kick-off, the game was called off, prompting a flurry of comments by disappointed fans, who streamed back towards the box office to get a refund on their tickets.

This match will thus have to be played on another day.

The next SPL game is scheduled for Wednesday between Langsning and Sawmer at 3:45PM.

Today’s other results –
Second Division:
Laitkor 1 – 1 Riatsamthiah
Third Division:
Nongsohphoh 3 – 2 Lawmei
Lawmali Pyllun 3 – 2 Nongmynsong
Mylliem 1 – 0 Lapalang

(TSR photo)

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