Shillong, Mar 18: Ryntih’s move from the Second Division to this season’s Shillong Premier League, which they secured through a recent auction, has left a vacancy in the Second Division, which the Shillong Sports Association plans to fill by another auction.

The SSA will use the closed bid offer system once again. Those interested can submit their bids up until 3PM on 30th March.

The Second Division usually consists of 14 teams split into two groups of seven. The two top teams progress to the semifinals. The two teams that then make it to the final are also promoted to the First Division.

Direct entry teams have not done so well in Shillong before – think of Rising FC (relegated from the First Division after their debut season in 2016) and Smit (finished in the bottom two of the First Division but exempted from relegation in 2018).

Both Smit last year and Ryntih this year are believed to have bid Rs 6 lakh each for their respective slots, though TSR can’t confirm this.

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