Shillong, Apr 25: Mawkhar SC, who gained promotion to the First Division at the end of last season, signed 17 footballers yesterday during the local transfer window.

Mawkhar made the announcement on Facebook, though without releasing the names.

We’ve got the names now and the signings include Aenam Graffenberg Jyrwa, who has played for Shillong Lajong’s junior teams for several years. He has also represented India at the U-14 and U-16 levels.

Earlier today TSR reported that Mawkhar are one of four First Division clubs that have expressed a willingness to take part in this season’s U-18 Shillong Premier League.

Others include Garnoldstar Marbaniang, who previously played for Mawlai and Marbisu, and Bari Wanker Sun, who is making a return to Mawkhar colours.

Mawkhar signings: Restorwell Marbaniang, Ferback Dohtdong, Joinborlang Kharumnuid, Bitdorlang Pyngrope, Shining Nongdhar, Garnoldstar Marbaniang, Nangroishphrang L Nonglait, Fairystar Suting, Bestmoonfield Paliar, Aenam Graffenberg Jyrwa, Bari Wanker Sun, Balapynshai Nengnong, Aibanmame Nongneng, Balajied Syiemlieh, Wellsonkupar Hynniewta, Threemin Lyma

(Photo: Mawkhar SC)

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