Shillong, Apr 29: Cricket grounds in Shillong and Tura will have their wickets and outfields relaid beginning in the first half of May, the Meghalaya Cricket Association said through a press release last night.

The MCA was recently declared as being fully compliant with the Lodha committee recommendations. The MCA is one of among a dozen BCCI member states to have adopted the constitution in consonance with the Supreme Court’s guidelines to attain full member status.

This was informed to MCA Honorary Secretary Naba Bhattacharjee at a meeting in New Delhi on 24th April. “It has been hard work but I’m happy that my state is ahead of most others in the country when it comes to reforms,” Bhattacharjee said.

The development works include re-laying the fields and wickets at par with national standards at the MCA Cricket Ground in Shillong and Allotgre in Tura. Standard dressing rooms and other infrastructure will also be installed, all of which will be completed before the start of the next season.

The work will be executed by agencies expert in ground and pitch development and who are empanelled with the BCCI. In Shillong rye grass from England will be introduced, considering the similar climactic conditions.

Meanwhile, the MCA was also requested to help other partially-compliant states to become fully compliant with the Lodha committee recommendations. It is hoped that in the next five to seven years the gaps in all aspects of the game and infrastructure that exist between the big states and the small ones can be bridged.

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