Shillong, May 31: Ri-Bhoi stormed to the title of overall champions at the State-Level Chief Minister’s Inter-School Athletics Meet, bagging a rich haul of 19 gold, eight silver and 11 bronze medals on the third and final day at the JN Sports Complex here today.

They pipped giants East Khasi Hills, who finished in overall second place with 17 gold medals.

It was also a relatively good meet for North Garo Hills, who finished in fifth place, behind stalwarts West Jaintia Hills and West Khasi Hills. NGH were also adjudged the Best Disciplined Team.

Besides the overall trophy, Ri-Bhoi were also the boys’ champions, while East Khasi Hills were the girls’ champions. Ri-Bhoi were runners-up in the girls’ category, while West Jaintia Hills were second in the boys’.

Individual awards were also presented at the prize distribution ceremony, where Director of Sports & Youth Affairs Wanri Booth was the chief guest.

Best athlete:
U-14 girls – Joytiful Narlong (Ri-Bhoi)
U-14 boys – Cheman M Sangma (East Garo Hills)
U-16 girls – Angelina J Jackson (East Khasi Hills)
U-16 boys – Chibait Donhi Shylla (West Jaintia Hills)
U-18 girls – Glorify Kurbah (East Khasi Hills)
U-18 boys – Khrawkupar Shabong (East Khasi Hills)

3rd day results:

Event Position) Athlete District Result
100m 1) Angelina J Jackson East Khasi 13.38 sec
U-16 girls 2) Wansaka Blah East Khasi 13.72 sec
3) Durka Nartiang West Jaintia 13.75 sec
100m 1) Pilo Ronghang Ri-Bhoi 11.30 sec
U-18 boys 2) Nelson Nigel Laloo East Khasi 11.49 sec
3) Khrawkupar Shabong East Khasi 11.55 sec
100m 1) Chibait Donhi Shylla West Jaintia 11.52 sec
U-16 boys 2) Tenkimbirth R Marak South Garo 11.83 sec
3) Khrawkupar Shadap Ri-Bhoi 11.88 sec
100m 1) Careen War East Khasi 14.15 sec
U-18 girls 2) Joshida Kyndait West Jaintia 14.21 sec
3) Balakyntiew War West Khasi 14.23 sec
400m 1) Donbok Shabong East Khasi 53.32 sec
U-16 boys 2) Repol Dkhar East Khasi 54.81 sec
3) Dasaimowki Rymbai West Jaintia 55.04 sec
400m 1) Angelina J Jackson East Khasi 1:04.33 min
U-16 girls 2) Bethlyne G Makri East Khasi 1:07.42 min
3) Elisamery Talang West Jaintia 1:09.96 min
Long Jump 1) Sunalinda Iawren West Khasi 4.18m
U-16 girls 2) Chrimbe M Marak South West Khasi 4.16m
3) Diya A Sangma East Khasi 4.05m
High Jump 1) Ladin Penang North Garo 1.71m
U-18 boys 2) Semion Marak North Garo 1.71m
3) Pringchang N Sangma East Garo 1.66m
Shot Put 1) Cheman M Sangma East Garo 10.27m
U-14 boys 2) Walsimbirth N Sangma East Garo 10.15m
3) Romi Phawa East Jaintia 9.98m
400m 1) Aithun Lyngdoh East Khasi 1:06.63 min
U-18 girls 2) Rikynti Sana West Jaintia 1:07.14 min
3) Jlorinda Hanse Ri-Bhoi 1:11.17 min
400m 1) Pilo Ronghang Ri-Bhoi 51.73 sec
U-18 boys 2) Iaishah Shylla West Jaintia 53.11 sec
3) Hamji N Sangma East Garo 53.29 sec
1500m 1) Skhemlang Suba Ri-Bhoi 4:11.21 min
U-18 boys 2) Ribet Dkhar West Jaintia 4:12.61 min
3) Bismo Sumer East Jaintia 4:18.35 min
4x100m 1) Balaaihun M Ryntathiang, Aveley M Warjri, Artisan Byrsat, Marbarin Nongrum East Khasi 56.29 sec
U-18 girls 2) Balakyntiew War, Jidalin Tympuin, Balasara Sohshang, Saviinty Jyndiang West Khasi 56.21 sec
3) Medarisha Klein, Lidia Maring, Tngen Tadoo, Sildaris Makri Ri-Bhoi 57.25 sec
4x100m 1) Nelson Nigel Laloo, Khrawkupar Shabong, Samlang Lyntan, Calvin Sohlang East Khasi 45.52 sec
U-18 boys 2) Kelbinus Biam, Mihsahlan Shadap, Omi Sumer, Dawanbiangmi Passah West Jaintia 46.69 sec
3) Rupel Lyngdoh, Ginal Klein, Selestin Timung, Pyndap Kyrmen Makri Ri-Bhoi 46.81 sec


(TSR photo)

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