Shillong, Aug 10: Pohkseh became the champions of the Third Division 2019 after pipping Umphrup 1-0 in the final at the JN Stadium here today.

Both teams had already secured promotion to next season’s Second Division by dint of reaching the final, but today was about the trophy and satisfaction of being crowned champions.

Umphrup dominated in terms of possession, but there were few shots taken by them. They also had the majority of the spectators on their side, but couldn’t find a way through.

Ultimately, a free-kick in the 62nd minute was very nicely headed into the back of the net by Baiaineh Nongkhlaw.

With the match only of 70 minutes duration (like all Third Division games), Umphrup then had very little time to find an equaliser but they almost had it in the 68th, though Umphrup’s attempt was skewed badly.

As champions Pohkseh were awarded Rs 20,000 and a trophy. Umphrup took home Rs 10,000.

(TSR photo)

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