Shillong, Sep 18: Lawrence Lyngkhoi, one of the top footballers from the state in years gone by, passed away on 16th September. He was 72.

He had been suffering from a long-term illness and was taken to Supercare Hospital here on Wednesday where he was declared dead on arrival. His body was tested twice, the second time at the insistence of his family, and both samples were found positive for Covid-19, the Health Department informed yesterday. The funeral was held yesterday at the Catholic Cemetery in Pynthorumkhrah.

Lyngkhoi’s talent was first identified when he studied at St Anthony’s College. His close friends have said that, as a young man from a rural area, he was extremely shy when he first arrived in the city and that shyness at first concealed his talent.

But in time his innate abilities shone through on the football field and Lyngkhoi was then picked up by Mawkhar SC and also played for a Shillong XI. His friends also stated that he was chosen as a member of the All India University team.

Lyngkhoi then got a job in the Accountant General’s office in Shillong under the sports quota.

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