Shillong, Feb 12: A Meghalaya team won 12 medals – six gold, two silver and four bronze – at the National Kickboxing Federation Cup 2020-21, which was held in Dehradun recently.

The gold medallists were Lorenza Songthiang (kick light senior women), Rangkynsai Lynshing (musical form senior men), Kitbok Dkhar (kick light senior men), Daniella Mylliemngap (low kick senior women), Lamphrang Kharsahnoh (K1 rule senior men) and Fedrick Khongsit (low kick senior men), the Meghalaya Association of Kickboxing Organisations said today.

The two silver medal winners were Steven Wallace Dkhar (full contact junior boys) and Songthiang (light contact senior women).

Lynshing also won a bronze in light contact in the senior men’s division and there were also bronze medals for Mebaniaidshaphrang Kharumnuid (kick light junior boys), Wander Maring (light contact senior men) and Sumarlang Marwein (low kick senior men).

The Meghalaya team was led by coach Pynshai Mawrie and technical official Baremdor Kharmuti. Donny Ranee, the President of the NKFI, also accompanied the team. The tournament ran from 7th to 10th February.

(Photo: Meghalaya Association of Kickboxing Organisations)

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