Shillong, May 7: Target shooters under the Shooting Association of Meghalaya had to weather the Covid-19 pandemic like other athletes but were back up to scratch for the 4th Meghalaya Games 2022, which concluded yesterday.

The shooting event at the Games also acted as the 7th State Championship. It took place at the Assam Regimental Centre’s indoor and outdoor ranges in Happy Valley.

“This was the first championship after the pandemic and I now believe you are all back up to form,” SAM President and Meghalaya State Olympic Association Working President John F Kharshiing said at the closing ceremony. “With support of the Assam Regimental Centre, we hope Meghalaya will perform well at the North East Olympic Games,” he added. The NE Games are to take place in Shillong later this year.

The North East Small Finance Bank sponsored a rifle for SAM, which was handed over at the Meghalaya Games’ opening ceremony on Tuesday. Such precision rifles are all imported – this one was manufactured by famed gunmakers Walther – and cost lakhs of rupees.

The rifle donated by NESFB being presented to Chief Minister Conrad Sangma and shooters of SAM at the Meghalaya Games opening ceremony
The rifle donated by NESFB in demonstration

“We are grateful to NESFB for sponsoring the rifle,” Kharshiing added. “This is an expensive sport and for SAM to have its own rifle will help us spread the sport further. We are also hoping to have our own range one day as we get so many inquiries from parents and schools.”

The chief guest on the occasion was Brig DCS Kanyal. He said that there remains a lot of talent to be tapped in Meghalaya and the rest of the North East and wished the shooters, SAM and the MSOA the best for the future.

“The National Capital Region does so well in shooting because it has the infrastructure but the talent pool is higher here in the North East,” Brig Kanyal added.

Kharshiing also praised SAM General Secretary Neil Sootinck, saying that he has been “a pillar of the association in organising this competition.”

In his brief speech, Sootinck said that SAM has a very strong bond with ARC and thanked the state government and MSOA for reviving the Meghalaya Games.

Shooting results:
10m air rifle senior men – 1 Dennyson Kyrsian, 2 Rajdeep Ghosh, 3 Wanpliborlang Nongsiej
10m air rifle women – 1 Anjali Singh, 2 Veronica Buhroy, 3 S Rebecca
10m air rifle Services men – 1 Sanjit Sarkar, 2 Andrew R Buhril, 3 Jangminlen Touthang
10m air rifle junior men – 1 Abhay Mukharjee, 2 Khraw Jyrwa
10m air pistol men – 1 Pynkhraw Kharshiing, 2 John Thounaojam, 3 Davis NR Marak
10m air pistol Services men – 1 Bishal Debnath, 2 Thangthahring Khumlo, 3 Gingoulen Gangte
10m air pistol women – 1 Balarishisha Rani, 2 Shirley M Kharbuli, 3 Toiaibha Mylliempdah
10m air pistol junior women – 1 Shirley M Kharbuli, 2 Gauri Bharadwaj, 3 Divieja Om Bali
50m prone men – 1 Dennyson Kyrsian, 2 Wanpliborlang Nongsiej, 3 Wallambok Kharkongor
50m prone women – 1 Veronica Buhroy, 2 S Rebecca, 3 Amalisha Sangma
50m free pistol men – 1 Pynkhraw Kharshiing, 2 Walsall M Momin, 3 Mawdaker Marwein
25m centre fire pistol men – 1 Pynkhraw Kharshiing, 2 Davis NR Marak, 3 John TH
25m standard pistol men – 1 Mawdaker Marwein, 2 Pynkhraw Kharshiing, 3 John TH
25m sports pistol women – 1 Balarishisha Rani, 2 Shirley M Kharbuli, 3 Toiaibha Mylliempdah
25m sports pistol junior women – 1 Shirley M Kharbuli, 2 Gauri Bharadwaj, 3 Divieja OM Bali
10m air pistol mixed team – 1 Shirley M Kharbuli and Walsall M Momin, 2 Balarishisha Rani and Maxwell Pyngrope, 3 Toiaibha Mylliempdah and Pynkhraw Kharshiing
10m air rifle mixed team – 1 Anjali Singh and Banrilang Bleine, 2 Rajdeep Ghosh and Toyarisa S Nongrum, 3 Wanpliborlang Nongsiej and S Rebecca
25m standard pistol SAM office bearers match – 1 Jefry Sooting, 2 Neil Sootinck, 3 Lanu Jamir

(Meghalaya State Olympic Association photos)

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