Shillong, Mar 21: Devraj Mohapatra won a bronze medal for Meghalaya in the sub-junior boys’ category of the 2nd NTPC National Ranking Archery Tournament 2023 at the SAI Centre in NEHU today.

Devraj Mohapatra celebrates after being declared the winner of his bronze medal match

The tournament began yesterday, with the sub-junior events, which concluded today. The junior rounds will take place on Thursday and Friday and the senior rounds will then be held on Sunday and Monday.

Mohapatra had a tough fight in the bronze medal match in his category against an archer from Rajasthan but was cheered on to victory.

Sub-Junior Compound Boys (50m)
1st Raj Chattar (Jharkhand)
2nd Abhi Khatri (Delhi)
3rd Elangbam Lamnganba Singh (Manipur)

Sub-Junior Compound Girls (50m)
1st Ekta Rani (Delhi)
2nd Tanishka Bhatia (Delhi)
3rd Kumud Saini (Delhi)

Sub-Junior Recurve Boys (60m)
1st Shivam Rajendra Chikhale (Maharashtra)
2nd Mudit (Haryana)
3rd Devraj Mohapatra (Meghalaya)

Sub-Junior Recurve Girls (60m)
1st Anisha Das (Assam)
2nd Laiphrakpam Rabina Devi (Manipur)
3rd Mainsha Choudhary (Rajasthan)

(Archery Association of Meghalaya photos)

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