Shillong, Sep 11: Mawlyngngad SC picked up their maiden victory of the Shillong Sports Association’s U-20 Fourth Division, beating Mawkriah West SC 2-0 at Third Ground, Polo, here today.

The other match, also in Group D, was a 1-1 draw between Mawnianglah Youth SC and Risa Colony.

Mawlyngngad scored their goals through Nathaniel Kharbangar (his third of the season) in the 26th minute and Banshembok Warshong in the 70th.

Meanwhile, after a goalless first half, Risa Colony went ahead in the later game via Peterstone Lamare (52′) only for P Nongkhlaw of Mawnianglah to cancel the lead out 10 minutes later.

There are now four clubs on 5 points each in Group D – Mawlyngngad (+1 goal difference), Risa Colony (0), Mawkriah West (-1) and Mawnianglah Youth (-2). Leading the group are Pommura SC and Laitkroh SC on 7 and 6 points respectively.

Tomorrow’s fixtures:
U-20 Fourth Division – Mawlynrei SC vs Madan SCC, Group A, Third Ground, 3:15PM
U-20 Fourth Division – Umrynjah SC vs Diliengiem YSCWA, Group A, Third Ground, 4:45PM

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