Shillong, Sep 13: Kharang SC extended their lead in Group B of the Shillong Sports Association’s U-20 Fourth Division 2023, while Laitumkhrah SC secured their first 3 points after both won their respective matches at Third Ground, Polo, here today.

The two matches both ended 1-0, with Kharang beating Mawphlang SC and Laitumkhrah getting the better of Mawreng SC.

Kharang’s scorer was Jamshaphrang Kharsati (26′) and Laitumkhrah’s was Meban Lanong (54′).

Kharang now have 13 points, ahead of second-placed Mawkasiang SC (10 points). Mawphlang are fourth with 7 points (tied with Nongkolew SC but behind on goal difference +1 to 0). Laitumkhrah are not able to challenge for the top but at least now have 4 points and have moved up to fifth place in the seven-team group, with Mawreng bringing up the rear with 1 point.

Tomorrow’s fixtures:
U-20 Fourth Division – Pynthorbah SC vs Lamlynti FC (Madanlyngkhi), Group C, Third Ground, 3:15PM
U-20 Fourth Division – Riatsamthiah SC vs Mawpdang SC, Group C, Third Ground, 4:45PM

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