Shillong, Oct 20: The Meghalaya State Olympic Association has released the names of its contingent of athletes and officials that will represent the state at this month’s 37th National Games in Goa.

Meghalaya will participate in just eight disciplines (up from seven reported earlier) and is sending just 40 participants backed up by 20 officials.

The disciplines are men’s football (which makes up half the athletes with 20), athletics (2), aquatics (4), boxing (1), wushu (1), shooting (4), golf (4) and sqay (4).

The golfers won’t be going to Goa but New Delhi, which will host this event as well as cycling. Sqay, for those that don’t know (and TSR didn’t know until yesterday), is an indigenous martial art form from Kashmir.

Meghalaya didn’t win any medals at the previous National Games and hopes are high this time around for football, with largely the same team (pictured) taking part that had finished runners-up in the Santosh Trophy earlier this year, with the same coach in Khlain Pyrkhat Syiemlieh.

An official send-off will be held today for the state contingent.

Meghalaya participants:
Athletics – Skhemlang Suba, Glorify Kurbah, Pleasantly Synnah (coach)
Aquatics – Bapynshngain Syngwan, Mebankitboklang Banai, Pdiangsuklang Syngwan, Ilarisuk Youroi, Joebrenson Marwein (official), Maximilian Lyngdoh (official)
Boxing – Eva Wayne Marbaniang, Larry Kharpran (coach), Daniel W Marbaniang (manager)
Football – Wanboklang Lyngkhoi, Donborlang Nongkynrih, Fullmoon Mukhim, Donlad Diengdoh, Siwel Rymbai, Banskhemlang Mawlong, Everbrightson Mylliempdah, Nickelson Bina, Damonlang Pathaw, Mebankhraw Wahlang, Sheen Stevenson Sohktung, Kitboklang Pale, Overkindness L Mawnai, Chanmitre Thma, Banteilang Lyngdoh, Raikutshisha Buam, Dawanplielad Myrchiang, Lionel Daryl Rymmei, Restomwell Khriam, Maxderidoff Wahlang, Beneslaus Khyriem (manager), Khlain Pyrkhat Syiemlieh (coach), Dious Lapasam (assistant coach), Baiainehlang Bareh (physio)
Wushu – Lorenza Songthiang, Francis RR Songthiang (coach), Niawki Iakai (manager)
Shooting – Balarishisha Rani, Anjali Singh, Rajdeep Ghosh, Shirley M Kharbuli, John Thounaojam (manager)
Sqay – Salmi Phawa, Fibestar Songthiang, Kyrshanbor Romeo Songthiang, Espiranzza Stella Songthiang, Hamylline Dkhar (official)
Golf – Johnwell G Momin, Jonathan Iawphniaw, Daphisha Phanbuh Shullai, Teesta Rawat
MSOA officials – John F Kharshiing (Working President), Finely L Pariat (General Secretary), Ksan Kupar Warjri (Chef de Mission), Dipshon Ryntathiang (Deputy Chef de Mission), Ian A Lyngdoh (Deputy Chef de Mission), Pynbianglang Laloo (Contingent Assistant), Joel Marbaniang (Contingent Assistant)

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