Shillong, Nov 19: Three athletes from Happy Red Rooster MMA – Wanlambok Lyngdoh, Jerose Lamare and Echwamidao Phawa – brought home medals from the Abu Dhabi Combat Championship (ADCC), which was held in Delhi.

ADCC is the premier submission grappling tournament worldwide, one that attracts the best martial artists from various grappling disciplines across the globe, a press release said yesterday. Known for its intense competition, ADCC is the ultimate benchmark for excellence in grappling combat.

Echwamidao won gold at the tournament while Jerose demonstrated exceptional technique and resilience to earn a silver medal. In his first competition, Wanlambok displayed impressive prowess to claim bronze. 

Adding to the triumph, Nick, a former member of Happy Red Rooster MMA who relocated to Delhi and now trains at Rebel MMA, secured silver in his weight category.

“Happy Red Rooster MMA is immensely proud of its athletes’ achievements at ADCC, underscoring the team’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering excellence in the sport,” the release stated, adding that the success of the athletes and other former members like Nick highlight the centre’s dedication to producing elite fighters.

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