Shillong, Dec 16: Meghalaya won five gold, 10 silver and 27 bronze medals at the recently-concluded 6th NESKFI North East Karate Championship in Dimapur, it was revealed by the All Meghalaya Karate-Do Association today.

The championship ran from 10th to 12th December. Altogether 370 karatekas from the eight North East states, Assam Rifles and Arunachal Police participated.

All five of Meghalaya’s gold medals came in kumite (sparring). The top karatekas were Ram Lanong, Lakhon Lanong, Loreenia Mawlong, Wandahunshisha Mawblei and Banylla Shallam. Ram Lanong also won a silver in kata (form) to go along with his gold, while Shallam also won two bronze in individual and team kata.

Meghalaya’s gold medallists – (clockwise from top left) Banylla Shallam, Wandahunshisha Mawblei, Loreenia Mawlong, Lakhon Lanong, Ram Lanong

The 53-member contingent was accompanied by coach Arjun Sewa, coach Mingson Rymbai, manager Albertstar Kharkongor, manager Edilbert A Lyndem, technical official Donboklang Lyngdoh and technical official Damang Syngkon.

Ram Lanong Gold 11 Yrs -30Kgs Kumite
Lakhon Lanong Gold 11 Yrs -35Kgs Kumite
Loreenia Mawlong Gold 10 Yrs +30Kgs Kumite
Wandahunshisha Mawblei Gold Cadet -47 Kgs Kumite
Banylla Shallam Gold Women -55 Kgs Kumite
Ram Lanong Silver Male 11 years Kata
John Basaiawmoit Silver Junior 16-17 Yrs Kata
Freddy B Syiem Silver Junior -50 Kgs Kumite
Jeremy Kurkalang Silver Junior -55 Kgs Kumite
Glikerius Buhphang Silver Men -55 Kgs Kumite
Isadora A Lyngdoh Silver Junior 16-17 Yrs Kata
Isadora A Lyngdoh Silver 14-18 Yrs Team Kata
Elisheba Khongwar
Lawandashisha Muttyent
Elisheba Khongwar Silver Cadet -54 Kgs Kumite
Ankita Koch Silver Women -68 Kgs Kumite
Bandana Wahlang Silver Women +68 Kgs Kumite
Gideon Tympuin Bronze Male 12 years Kata
Gerard A Nongkhlaw Bronze Cadet 14-15 Yrs Kata
John Basaiawmoit Bronze 14-18 Yrs Team Kata
Freddy B Syiem
Jeremy Kurkalang
Rodrick Syiem Bronze Men Team Kata
Edwilbert Nongkynrih
Glikerius Buhphang
Badondor Ryntathiang Bronze 10 Yrs -25Kgs Kumite
Daniel D Warjri Bronze 10 Yrs -30Kgs Kumite
Damebanmerbha Blah Bronze 12 Yrs -35Kgs Kumite
Samebanmerbha Blah Bronze 12 Yrs -40Kgs Kumite
Damanbha Pde Bronze 13 Yrs -40Kgs Kumite
Zimeon Sun Bronze 13 Yrs -45Kgs Kumite
Ewansalan Dkhar Bronze 13 Yrs +45Kgs Kumite
Teiborlang Lapang Bronze Cadet -45 Kgs Kumite
Albert Jyrwa Bronze Cadet -52 Kgs Kumite
Bhawanchwadame L Mawphlang Bronze Cadet -57 Kgs Kumite
Josanky Rympei Bronze Men -50 Kgs Kumite
Elisheba Khongwar Bronze Cadet 14-15 Yrs Kata
Banylla Shallam Bronze Senior +18 Yrs Kata
Ankita Koch Bronze Women Team Kata
Banylla Shallam
Barisha Kharbani
Nangbiangsaphi Mukhim Bronze 10 Yrs -25Kgs Kumite
Dayalangki Challam Bronze 10 Yrs -30Kgs Kumite
Stephanie Sun Bronze 11 Yrs -35Kgs Kumite
Aibiangpormika L Mawphlang Bronze 12 Yrs -35Kgs Kumite
Melvarica Kharbani Bronze 12 Yrs -40Kgs Kumite
Carenia Rapthap Bronze 13 Yrs -45Kgs Kumite
Rosezana Kharkongor Bronze 13 Yrs +45Kgs Kumite
Daiaikyntiew Wahlang Bronze Cadet -40 Kgs Kumite
Eva Gracia Kharumnuid Bronze Junior -48 Kgs Kumite


(Photos contributed by the All Meghalaya Karate-Do Association)

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