Shillong, May 29: Five new meet records were set on the opening day of the State-Level Chief Minister’s Inter-School Athletic Meet 2019 at the JN Sports Complex, Polo, here today.

In the morning Abdul Hannan Dhar (East Jaintia Hills) recorded a distance of 31.13m, more than three metres over his closest opponent, in the U-18 boys’ discus throw.

The other four records were all set by athletes from Ri-Bhoi. First, Medarisha Klein set a height of 1.45m in the U-18 girls’ high jump and her team mate Linen Ingti then recorded a distance of 8.46m in the U-18 girls’ shot put.

Another shot put record was broken in the U-16 boys’ division, with Twinstar Lyngdoh setting a distance of 10.64m. Finally, in the long jump, Joytiful Narlong recorded a distance of 4.39m in the U-14 girls’ division.

The action continues tomorrow and will conclude on Friday.

1st day results:

Event Position) Athlete District Result
Discus 1) Abdul Hannan Dhar East Jaintia 31.13m
U-18 boys 2) Nirmal Rabha North Garo 28.12m
3) Dondeswar Rabha North Garo 28.05m
High Jump 1) Medarisha Klein Ri-Bhoi 1.45m
U-18 girls 2) Aveleyne F Warjri East Khasi 1.37m
3) Benihun Lyngkhoi West Khasi 1.33m
Long Jump 1) Hawamabha Pyngrope West Khasi 4.86m
U-14 boys 2) Chesan A Marak East Garo 4.85m
3) Bijubirth N Sangma North Garo 4.76m
Shot Put 1) Linen Ingti Ri-Bhoi 8.46m
U-18 girls 2) Deiphibashawa Nongsiej East Khasi 8.35m
3) Senebi Syngkli Ri-Bhoi 8.12m
High Jump 1) Anusha Mahajong Ri-Bhoi 1.38m
U-14 girls 2) Anrisha Klein Ri-Bhoi 1.36m
3) Pynbhalangki Rymbai East Jaintia 1.21m
Javelin 1) Prachi G Momin North Garo 26.30m
U-18 girls 2) Jimbetdi G Momin North Garo 25.58m
3) Fermite M Sangma South West Khasi 22.68m
Long Jump 1) Primus Ronghi Ri-Bhoi 5.76m
U-16 boys 2) Jopkupar Kharbani West Khasi 5.67m
3) Amit Marwet Ri-Bhoi 5.56m
Long Jump 1) Joytiful Narlong Ri-Bhoi 4.39m
U-14 girls 2) Jessica G Momin East Khasi 3.94m
3) Wanda Lyngkhoi West Khasi 3.93m
Shot Put 1) Twinstar Lyngdoh Ri-Bhoi 10.64m
U-16 boys 2) Donnam Syiem Ri-Bhoi 10.19m
3) M Malemnganba Singh East Khasi 9.76m
Discus 1) Linen Ingti Ri-Bhoi 20.47m
U-18 girls 2) Manhaka Rabon West Jaintia 19.67m
3) Priyanka Latam West Jaintia 18.18m
3000m 1) Mebarisha Lyngdoh West Khasi 12:28.46 min
U-18 girls 2) Sunitalin Kharjahrin South West Khasi 12:58.36 min
3) Ribity Sana East Jaintia 13:24.58 min
3000m 1) Rubi Sana East Jaintia 9:39.77 min
U-18 boys 2) Hepstarly Lyngkhoi East Khasi 9:42.69 min
3) Shainingstar Marwein South West Khasi 9:46.54 min
Javelin 1) Mol Syngkli Ri-Bhoi 42.95m
U-16 boys 2) M Malemnganba Singh East Khasi 39.55m
3) Chanangbirth R Marak North Garo 38.92m


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