Shillong, May 30: A massive 20 new meet records were set on the second day of the State-Level Chief Minister’s Inter-School Athletics Meet at the JN Sports Complex here today.

After drawing a blank yesterday in the gold medal tally, East Khasi Hills brought home seven gold today, but Ri-Bhoi continue to lead with 15 overall, after adding seven to their tally of eight from yesterday. West Jaintia Hills and South West Khasi Hills also won their first gold medals of the meet today.

Jidalin Tympuin of West Khasi Hills crossed the finish line of the 1500m U-18 girls’ final nearly 19 seconds ahead of the silver medallist, with a time of 5 minutes, 17.95 seconds. Marqueenless Ramsiej (South West Khasi Hills) and Dabit Dkhar (West Jaintia Hills) also won the 2000m U-16 girls’ and boys’ finals respectively. All three set new meet records.

Records were also broken by Durka Nartiang of West Jaintia Hills (U-16 girls 200m), Hunlang Kongngor of Ri-Bhoi (U-18 boys 800m), Primus Ronghi of Ri-Bhoi (U-16 boys high jump), Meieitlang Rymbai of East Jaintia (U-14 boys 600m), Semion Marak of North Garo Hills (U-18 boys javelin), Rinalis Ingti of Ri-Bhoi (U-16 girls high jump), Donald June M Syiem of Ri-Bhoi (U-18 boys shot put), Katelyne Tyra Wahlang of East Khasi Hills (U-14 girls triathlon), Siladris Makri of Ri-Bhoi (U-18 girls long jump), Khrawkupar Shabong of East Khasi Hills (U-18 boys 200m), Swedent Kyndait of West Jaintia Hills (U-16 boys 800m), Nelson Nigel Laloo of East Khasi Hills (U-18 boys long jump), Joytiful Narlong of Ri-Bhoi (U-14 girls 100m) and Durka Padit of East Khasi Hills (U-16 girls shot put).

Glorify Kurbah of East Khasi Hills broke two records today in the U-18 girls 800m and 200m races, while Kyrshanlang Shylla of West Jaintia Hills set a new meet record during the heats of the U-16 boys 200m with a time of 23.18 seconds.

2nd day results:

Event Position) Athlete District Result
1500m 1) Jidalin Tympuin West Khasi 5:17.95 min
U-18 girls 2) Pritty Marngar West Khasi 5:36.58 min
3) Phyrnai Kyndait West Jaintia 5:37.80 min
2000m 1) Marqueenless Ramsiej South West Khasi 7:36.03 min
U-16 girls 2) Happiness Phawa West Jaintia 8:00.07 min
3) Jesika Wanniang South West Khasi 8:09.43 min
2000m 1) Dabit Dkhar West Jaintia 6:03.84 min
U-16 boys 2) Teiboklang Biam West Jaintia 6:18.72 min
3) Poimi Nongtdu East Jaintia 6:22.34 min
200m 1) Durka Nartiang West Jaintia 28.14 sec
U-16 girls 2) Elisa Mery Talang West Jaintia 29.23 sec
3) Avelyne F Khyriem East Khasi 29.36 sec
200m 1) Kyrshanlang Shylla West Jaintia 23.52 sec
U-16 boys 2) Donbok Shabong East Khasi 23.48 sec
3) Khrawkupar Shadap Ri-Bhoi 24.46 sec
Javelin 1) Senitha G Momin North Garo 24.82m
U-16 girls 2) Durka Padit East Khasi 22.60m
3) Ibabianglin Kharjahrin West Khasi 21.72m
800m 1) Glorify Kurbah East Khasi 2:31.43 min
U-18 girls 2) Pynhunlang Puwein West Khasi 2:39.97 min
3) Ibadarishisha Kharwanlang South West Khasi 2:41.90 min
800m 1) Hunlang Kongngor Ri-Bhoi 2:01.47 min
U-18 boys 2) Selestine Timung Ri-Bhoi 2:05.05 min
3) Thrangki Kyndait West Jaintia 2:06.33 min
High Jump 1) Primus Ronghi Ri-Bhoi 1.72m
U-16 boys 2) Andy Russell Sohkhlet West Khasi 1.65m
3) Ranjit Kongngor Ri-Bhoi 1.65m
600m 1) Meieitlang Rymbai East Jaintia 1:34.77 min
U-14 boys 2) Damang I Lyngdoh West Jaintia 1:35.48 min
3) Jemon Makri Ri-Bhoi 1:35.53 min
600m 1) Rikmenlang Syiemiong South West Khasi 1:57.37 min
U-14 girls 2) Kyrsoilin Nongneng East Khasi 2:00.80 min
3) Maithun Phawa East Jaintia 2:01.60 min
Javelin 1) Semion Marak North Garo 43.87m
U-18 boys 2) Moris Rongpeit Ri-Bhoi 43.04m
3) Bijoy Rabha North Garo 41.30m
Shot Put 1) Pynbna Langki Rymbai East Jaintia 7.28m
U-14 girls 2) Silanchi M Sangma North Garo 7.03m
3) Bijimi D Sangma East Garo 6.81m
High Jump 1) Rinalis Ingti Ri-Bhoi 1.50m
U-16 girls 2) Wankaname Allya East Khasi 1.32m
3) Diya Sangma East Khasi 1.30m
Shot Put 1) Donald June M Syiem Ri-Bhoi 11.78m
U-18 boys 2) Damepynshngain Pyngrope East Khasi 10.69m
3) Williamstar Syiem Ri-Bhoi 10.53m
Triathlon 1) Katelyne Tyra Wahlang East Khasi 1569 pts
U-14 girls 2) Walmera A Sangma West Garo 1491 pts
3) Sildime D Sangma South West Garo 1413 pts
Triathlon 1) Pynskhemlang Chyrmang West Jaintia 1330 pts
U-14 boys 2) Friendly Star Ingti Ri-Bhoi 1278 pts
3) Shanbor Wanniang East Khasi 1161 pts
Long Jump 1) Siladris Makri Ri-Bhoi 4.47m
U-18 girls 2) Balaaihun Ryntathiang East Khasi 4.35m
3) Ritina Hanse Ri-Bhoi 4.29m
High Jump 1) Roshan Bey Ri-Bhoi 1.53m
U-14 boys 2) Hawamanbha Lyngdoh West Khasi 1.51m
3) Chegrang Ch Marak East Garo 1.51m
200m 1) Khrawkupar Shabong East Khasi 22.46 sec
U-18 boys 2) Samlang Lytan East Khasi 22.95 sec
3) Bonchrang R Sangma East Garo 23.22 sec
200m 1) Glorify Kurbah East Khasi 27.83 sec
U-18 girls 2) Siladris Makri Ri-Bhoi 28.99 sec
3) Balakyntiew War West Khasi 29.10 sec
800m 1) Swedent Kyndait West Jaintia 2:09.48 min
U-16 boys 2) Arshadul Kharmawlong West Khasi 2:10.61 min
3) Nathanial L Nonglait East Khasi 2:12.15 min
800m 1) Ibapdianghun Tangsong East Khasi 2:46.21 min
U-16 girls 2) Balarisuk K Lyngdoh South West Khasi 2:47.26 min
3) Chilang Suchiang West Jaintia 2:47.41 min
Long Jump 1) Nelson Nigel Laloo East Khasi 6.06m
U-18 boys 2) Rupel Lyngdoh Ri-Bhoi 5.84m
3) Lastborn Ch Momin North Garo 5.70m
100m 1) Joytiful Narlong Ri-Bhoi 13.20 sec
U-14 girls 2) Wanda Lyngkhoi West Khasi 14.12 sec
3) Felicita M Rynjah East Khasi 14.15 sec
100m 1) Sajemiki Shylla West Jaintia 12.31 sec
U-14 boys 2) Meieitlang Rymbai East Jaintia 12.62 sec
3) Tylliborlang Nongrum East Khasi 12.65 sec
Shot Put 1) Durka Padit East Khasi 9.00m
U-16 girls 2) Twinstina Lyngdoh Ri-Bhoi 8.33m
3) Carmelia Rajee East Khasi 8.32m


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