Shillong, Jul 26: The final round of Third Division Group B matches were held at Second Ground, Polo, today. All matches ended 1-0.

In the first match Mawshbuit bested Mawnianglah. C Nongdhar scored the only goal of the game in the 19th minute.

The second game then saw Young XI beat Nongkseh with A Suting providing the goal in the 61st minute.

The third game was the decider for which team would finish at the top of the table between Pohkseh, who needed to win, and Mawtawar, who only needed a draw. The fixture grew a little heated with Mawtawar fans unhappy with the referee, but, ultimately, P Kharkongor’s 67th minute goal saw Pohkseh to the top of the table.

Tomorrow’s fixtures (all Group C):

Kharang vs Umlyngka, 12:30PM

Lapalang vs Lumparing, 2PM

Mawpat vs Laitlyngkot, 4PM

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