Shillong, Aug 13: Guidle Syiemlieh, one of Malki’s goalkeepers last season, has joined the development team of Indian Super League side FC Goa and is looking forward to winning titles with the Gaurs.

“It’s a privilege for me to be in this team,” Syiemlieh said in a video posted on the FC Goa Facebook page yesterday. “I will do anything I can to save the team, to win the game and not to concede goals. I want to be a professional player and I want to play for the ISL team one day. For now we are having the Durand Cup, Goa Pro League and Second Division League. I want to win as many trophies as possible.”

Syiemlieh didn’t have the best time at Malki, but, then again, the entire club had a year to forget in 2018. Their nightmarish season was summed up by Syiemlieh’s wild attempt to clear a ball in the Shillong Premier League eliminator match (see video above), which led to Rangdajied United scoring the winning goal.

(TSR file photo and video)

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