Shillong, Nov 25: Darishisha Iangjuh and Tlanding Wahlang successfully took part in the 100km Asia Oceania Championships in Aqaba, Jordan, on Saturday.

In conditions very different from those found in Meghalaya, Iangjuh ran the race in a time of 11 hours, 21 minutes, 1 second, while Wahlang finished in 8 hours, 40 minutes, 49 seconds.

In the women’s team event India finished second to Australia. There were enough Indian men to form two teams, with the fastest three Indian runners taking first place. India and Australia were the only women’s teams, while India and Jordan were the only men’s teams. There were, however, several individual runners from other countries.

Both Meghalaya runners finished at the back of the Indian packs, but this would surely have been a huge learning experience and one that they can take a lot from as they keep on running these extraordinary distances.

(Photo: Facebook)

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